Healers Circle Meetings

Healers Circle Meetings

The Healers Circle

“Dina created a loving and supportive environment in the healers circle meetings, such that those of us who came together felt immediately comfortable and trusting with one another. She is nonjudgmental, caring, knowledgeable, and passionate about her work and helping others to heal.” 

Carol H.

I’d like to invite you to join me in the Healers Circle—I created these healers circle meetings as a way for self-aware, like-minded people to join together to support one another on our journey towards deeper healing. This monthly circle will provide a safe space to strengthen our Inner Healers, while connecting with others.

Whether we’re managing emotional or physical challenges or seeking support in strengthening our gifts of inner-knowing, self-love, spirituality and wisdom, the Healers Circle meetings will provide us with tools for managing challenges as they arise, so we can live healthy and vibrant lives.

Each Circle we will explore different guided meditations, flower essences and group sharing, to help us more fully develop our innate power of the Inner Healer. So that when challenges arise, we are armed with skills that help us transcend our fears, phobias, anxiety and depression. We will emerge with a stronger sense of self and wholeness of being.

In helping others to develop personal empowerment, I recognize the magical quality of the group healing experience. Each time I lead a healing circle, I notice how the collective energy of the group quickly becomes a powerful container for unconditional loving acceptance, creating a resonance that leads to profound healing.

I hope you will join me in creating empowerment and share your magical way of being within the group. See you in the Healers Circle meetings!

~ Dina

Upcoming Monthly Circles

2020 Dates: October 24; December 19

2021 Dates: January 30; March 20; May 1; June 12; July 31; Sept. 18; October 30; December 18

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Time:  10 – 11:30 am PST

Location:  Live-Online Via Zoom Video – Anywhere in the World

Cost: $95 – Lifetime Membership 

  • Lifetime participation in live-online meetings, 8 times a year
  • Video recordings of each Circle
  • Connection with others to support greater health & wellbeing

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