Flower Bathing Workshop

Flower Bathing Workshop by Dina Saalisi

Flower Bathing Workshop

Led by Dina Saalisi

October 15, 2022

1 – 5 PM

 The Farm Mendocino, Albion, CA


Only 15 Spots Available!

Flower Bathing Workshop

This half-day experiential flower bathing workshop is for anyone who loves flowers and wants to learn how to connect with the spiritual energy of flowers, to heal, thrive, and live a vibrant life.

Flower Bathing is a beautiful self-healing practice of attuning our senses to the sights, smells, feelings, and inspirations that arise while in the presence of flowers. When we set our intentions, and engage deeper awareness in this way, we can easily embrace the healing energy of flowers as sacred medicine for our soul.

In our time together we will explore a deep dialogue with flowers, and through this connection learn how to strengthen our innate energies of creativity, self-awareness, and empathy. The workshop will focus on the energies of specially created healing cut bouquets, as well as the surrounding flora of the environment.

“The work I have done with Dina has been astoundingly transformational. Dina has a rare and extraordinary depth of knowledge of flower essences—both academically and intuitively. Through my years of working with various homeopathic and herbal practitioners, I have yet to witness someone create such dramatic and clearly foundational changes for me.”   – Theresa, Santa Cruz, CA

• Learn how to work with flower energy for empowerment and healing.
• Gain awareness of the spiritual properties of specific flowers.
• Engage in guided meditation practices.
• Explore journaling questions for self-reflection.
• Share in lively group discussions.
• Be nourished in a beautiful space.

Flower Bathing WorkshopFlower Bathing Workshop Includes:

  • 4-hours of learning and participation in guided practices led by Dina Saalisi.
  • Healing flower bouquet created by Winnie Pitrone, Flora of the Fields.
  • Personalized flower remedy to use at home.
  • Nature Heals journal.
  • The inspiring landscape of The Farm Mendocino.

Dina Saalisi, Master Flower Therapy Practitioner and Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach has been guiding others in the use of flower energy as powerful medicine for over 20-years.

Winnie Pitrone, Flora of the Fields, has been creating home-grown floral bouquets on the Mendocino Coast for over 20-years.

Dina created a loving and supportive environment, such that those of us who came together felt immediately comfortable and trusting with one another. She is nonjudgmental, caring, knowledgeable, and passionate about her work and helping others to heal.”  – Carol H.

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