Flower Essence Therapy Remedies Free Class

What makes flower essence therapy remedies unique among other healing modalities, is that it asks us to be conscious of what emotions we are experiencing.  This is related to how we address and heal our core challenges.  Symptoms become irrelevant, as we focus on how the illness affects our outlook and behaviors.  Especially through this lens, we are able to shift deep-seated emotional patterns and gain liberation from daunting trials.

Flower Essence Therapy Remedies Free Class – Insufficient Interest

“There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind, and inner-happiness.” ~ Edward Bach

When Dr. Bach developed his system of working with flower essences, he organized the 38 remedies into 7 categories.  Consequently, learning the remedies in this way, gives deeper understanding to emotional challenges and more ease in formulating a remedy.

In my next free class, we will focus on the remedies for Insufficient Interest in Present Circumstances.  Today, we might describe this as “lack of attention” or “trouble staying focused and present”; challenges that seem more prevalent than ever.

By integrating flower essence remedies and flower-based narrative and awareness practices, you engage an energetic resonance that supports greater health and spiritual harmony.

The goal is to cultivate a dynamic foundation for healing, which leads to profound change.  The combination of powerful healing modalities goes beyond alleviating symptoms.  The intent is to create physical health and spiritual wholeness.  By helping you develop increased awareness and master new skills, you will learn how to transform old patterns of illness into new ways of being.

In addition, my intention is to inspire you to develop increased awareness, reframe challenges, and master new skills leading to wholeness of being.   You will learn how to confront and work through your deepest challenges.  Ultimately, you become able to cultivate the most profound healing.

Therefore, please join me in my free class.  Discover how Insufficient Interest in Present Circumstances shows up in subtly different ways for each person.  You will better understand which remedies best support a sense of presence and engagement.

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