In several media interviews, Dina has discussed the power of Flower Therapy for emotional healing and how it can be used to support individuals who have experienced trauma and other limiting beliefs.  She emphasizes the importance of positive affirmations and creating a mindset to heal, thrive and live a vibrant life.

Flower Therapy has been gaining recognition as a powerful tool for emotional healing and trauma recovery. Many individuals who have experienced emotional pain and trauma have found relief through the use of flower remedies which are natural extracts from different flowers that promote healing and balance.

Dina Saalisi is an expert in the field of Flower Therapy and the author of the book and oracle deck, “Listening to Flowers: Positive Affirmations to Invoke the Healing Energy of the 38 Bach Flowers.”  In her book, Dina explores the transformative power of Flower Therapy and shares her extensive knowledge of how flower remedies can be used to support emotional healing and personal growth.

One of the tools that Dina recommends to support emotional healing is Insight Timer, a popular meditation app. She has created several meditations on Insight Timer that are specifically designed to support emotional healing and trauma recovery. These meditations provide a powerful tool for individuals who are seeking to heal and grow.

Through her work and her books as an author, Dina Saalisi is helping to bring attention to the power of Flower Therapy and transform the limiting beliefs that hold you back from optimal health and wellness. Her insights and guidance offer a valuable resource for anyone who is seeking to heal and grow, and her work has the potential to help countless individuals on their journey towards emotional well-being.

If you are interested in learning more about Flower Therapy and its potential for emotional healing and trauma recovery, we encourage you to explore Dina Saalisi’s published articles, her media interviews on a variety of podcasts, and try out some of her Insight Timer meditations. With the help of flower remedies and positive affirmations, you can begin to transform your emotional pain and start living a more healthy, vibrant, and fulfilling life.