Learn the Art of Flower Therapy – Class Only

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Learn the Art of Flower Therapy – Class Only
One-on-One Budding Flower Practitioner Package Includes:

  • 3, 90-minute sessions, every 2 weeks
    • Dina will guide you on how to work with the 38 Bach flower essence remedies and how to create combination formulas for yourself, friends, and family.
  • Bach Flower Therapy booklet.
  • PDF downloads.
  • Lifetime membership in Dina’s monthly Flower Circle.

* This package does not include the Bach flower remedy kit.

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It’s my passion to spread the wisdom of Flower Therapy, as I’ve witnessed first-hand how powerful this method of self-improvement is. I’m thrilled to now offer private educational healing sessions to existing clients and new students who wish to learn how to use the Bach flower remedies for emotional balance and inner harmony. Through the lens of 38 specific flowers, you will learn to view your challenges with new awareness and be able to shed light on the healing qualities available to you within this dynamic system of energy medicine.

Over the course of 6 weeks, we will meet by Zoom for 3, 90-minute educational sessions. In our time together, we will review your needs and desires for greater emotional balance and improved physical health. This truly holistic course of study will lead you to further develop your gifts of healing, as you expand your awareness of acute and chronic emotional states and gain confidence to create custom flower remedies for yourself and others. Whether you’re a healing arts practitioner who would like to add Flower Therapy to your existing practice, or you simply want to add the healing power of flowers to your life, this experience is perfectly tailored to your individual needs.