Develop your personal power with my innovative experiences.

When you learn how to focus your intentions and use tools that elicit deeper awareness within, you become better able to meet emotional and physical challenges with courage and ease. 

In-Person Classes & Events

Strengthen Your Intuition with Flowers & Sound
~Lotusland ~
July 10, 2024

Join Dina to discover how to develop your innate intuitive skills in an interactive experience with creative nature practice, guided meditation and crystal tones sound bath.

Weekly Sound Bath
& Guided Meditation
~ Napa Valley ~
Summer Solstice
Full Moon Experience

June 22, 2024

Relax, restore, and receive, as you connect with your higher self in this magical sound and meditation experience in downtown St. Helena.

Crystal Tones Sound Alchemy Private Experience
Napa Valley
Your Location

I’d love to host your private sound healing experience for up to 12 guests in my magical wellness sanctuary in downtown St. Helena, CA or at your location. An empowering and uplifting activity for birthdays, bridal parties, out of town guests or girl’s night out.

Listening to Flowers
Private Event
Napa Valley
Your Location

I’m excited to host participants in my  studio in downtown St. Helena CA or in the comfort of your own home for a magical wellness experience. Perfect for birthday celebrations, bridal parties, fund raisers, or any gathering that requires a special touch!

Full Moon
Meditation & Sound Bath
~ Napa Valley ~
May 25, 2024

Join me to call in the energy of the full moon with a guided meditation practice and crystal sound bowl experience in her wellness sanctuary in downtown St. Helena.

2 Days!
Book Signing Event
~ Napa, CA ~
October 13 & 28, 2023

Meet Dina and learn about the art of flower therapy with insightful talks, Q&A, and book signings.

Dina Saalisi Healing Arts Studio

St. Helena, CA in Napa Valley

Classes Dina Saalisi Healing Arts Studio
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Dina is a Healer, Author and Educator with skills as a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner and Certified Hypnotherapist. By combining these powerful healing modalities, Dina guides others in creating personal empowerment to overcome physical and emotional challenges at the core.

Student Testimonials

- Bonita

Dina is a gifted FE practitioner, coach, and healer. She generously shares her insights and experience with her students. I have studied with Dina over the years and always look forward to her fantastic classes.

- Carol H.

Dina created a loving and supportive environment, such that those of us who came together via Zoom once a week for our class felt immediately comfortable and trusting with one another. She is nonjudgmental, caring, knowledgeable, and passionate about her work and helping others to heal. 

- Bonita G.

This was a wonderful, insightful class with very practical information. Even though I have used the flower essences for decades Dina has provided an even deeper level of understanding. Dina's easy-going style and methodology allow participants to experience healing at their personal pace without pressure. I am tremendously grateful that I was able to join the class and now expand my relationship with the flowers. This was transformative, and I am on board for future classes. Thank you, Dina and Dr. Bach!

- Jackie B.

This was a wonderful group to be part of. I was impressed by and very grateful for each person who allowed themselves to be vulnerable and authentic. Dina did a beautiful job leading us and I am in awe of the power of the practices and the awareness brought to us all.

- Vanessa W.

Every time I share healing with Dina I am aware of her bright presence and grace. She speaks with a soft clarity that inspires my curiosity and inner knowing. Her humility, sparkling eyes and beautiful smile are enchanting! The practices are incredible and such a compliment to working with flower essences. The group experience adds such depth to the meditations and the practice of listening. I am grateful for Dina's way in the world.

- Amanda T.

Wow! What an emotionally powerful class. I love the connection and empowerment in this group.I definitely feel I have practices I can use when I come to those moments of uncertainty or confusion. Dina's wisdom is contagious, and not only do you want to learn, you want to spread the word of beautiful positivity and self-healing.

- Theresa B.

I really appreciated the class format — I love the structure, the arrival, hearing from everyone and the video calls. Thank you, Dina for your amazing facilitation!

- Jenna R.

I will never forget this experience of my first learning of flower essences. I really enjoyed Dina's teaching style, calm energy, soothing voice, and genuine interest in guiding each of us on how to move through the rough times. Dina's insights on personal problems were relatable and the advice given resonates. It felt to be a very safe space to sit in, and share in. I can’t wait to take another class!

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