I believe that we are all healers at the core of our being.  Only much of the time our limiting beliefs disconnect us from this reality. When we learn how to focus our intention and awareness, we become able to meet emotional and physical challenges with courage and ease.  

Classes Bach Flower Essence Therapy

Bach Flower Essentials 8-Week Class – Online: August 24th-October 12th, 2022

Learn the basics of flower therapy from Dina and gain a solid foundation for using the Bach flower remedies for self-care, as well as learning how to formulate for clients, friends and family.

Classes Flower Bathing Workshop

Flower Bathing Workshop – Mendocino, CA: Saturday, October 15th, 2022 (Only 15 Spots Available!)

This half-day experiential flower bathing workshop is for anyone who loves flowers and wants to learn how to connect with the spiritual energy of flowers, to heal, thrive, and live a vibrant life. We will explore the energy of select healing flower bouquets, as well as the surrounding flora of the space.

Classes Oracle Deck

Listening to Flowers Private Workshop – Groups of 8-20

Dina leads guests through an array of guided meditations, practices, and teachings that help shift limiting beliefs, and enhance personal empowerment, using the framework of flowers, and her “Listening to Flowers” oracle deck.

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