Dina's Podcast

Cultivate Wellbeing with the Energies of Nature

Nature is the universal source that nourishes every living being on the planet. When we take time each day to pause and attune to the phenomena that surrounds us, we thrive. 

Join Dina Saalisi as she goes on location to meet with healers, artists, authors, filmmakers, musicians, herbalists, botanists, gardeners, environmentalists, and teachers, to explore insights and inspirations on how Nature supports us in creating healthy, vibrant lives.

Each show Dina talks with a special guest, in their garden or chosen Nature sanctuary and focuses on the unique facet of Nature that aligns with their work. Be it flower, tree, plant, fungi, rock, water, insect, animal, sound, sun, moon, star or place, the conversations are lively, and the wisdom deep.

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