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The use of flower remedies as a holistic therapy, was developed in 1930 by British physician Dr. Edward Bach. His system of using plant essences to relieve the disharmony of disease emerged a a simple method to restore out of balance emotions using liquid extracts from the flowers of wild plants and trees.

The Bach flower remedies have been used as an effective tool to achieve spiritual harmony and emotional well-being for nearly 100 years and is recognized in over 60 countries.This powerful method works by utilizing the subtle energetic medicine available from flowers to transform challenging emotions, leading to improved health and well-being.

Throughout a healing program, I prescribe individualized flower remedies that reflect the unique needs of each client. This lends support and ease in creating the life you truly desire.

Bach Certified Flower Essence Therapist

Health coaching services

A young woman who wanted to have a baby but had long-time phobias that were holding her back, contacted me for flower essence therapy. We worked together for several months, using various combinations of flower essences that supported the transformation of her challenges of fear and control. With this support, she had an easeful pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She is living a joyful life as a new mother, thriving and free from her fears.

What Are Flower Remedies?

Magic in a bottle?  Nature’s remedy?  Powerful energy medicine?  Yes!

Flower remedies are vibrational energy medicine in the form of liquid extracts of select wild flowering plants. The preserved essences retain the energetic healing properties of the flowers. Taken internally, they awaken positive qualities within, creating greater health and well-being.

The art of flower therapy is a self-reflective process. An inward journey, that leads us towards new awarenesses of our emotions, feelings and sensations. With a greater ability to view our challenges through a holistic lens, we grow to realize the transformations which can be accessed through this energetic response.

If you’re looking for a “quick fix” then flower remedies may not be for you. Although acute emotional states are known to shift quickly with flower therapy, deeper states of emotional trauma are usually transformed through several layers, before they feel resolved. This shift could take anywhere from a few months to a few years. In working with chronic emotional states, clients typically feel a progressive sense of balance and relief, over the course of the healing process.

The Energy of Flowers
Flower Essence Therapy & Coaching
Interview on The Power of Flower Essence Therapy
Interview on The Power of Flower Essence Therapy & Healing

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