The Energy of Plant Magick with Jessica Hundley

The Energy of Plant Magic with Jessica Hundley

The Energy of Plant Magick with Jessica Hundley

This live interview takes place on land that was originally inhabited by the Tongva people. Recorded on March 15, 2024.

Today I’m in my garden in Los Angeles with my very special guest Jessica Hundley. It’s a beautiful evening draped in almost-springtime light with Datura and Poppies blooming and the faint cry of Mourning Doves echoing against the hillside. 

We sit in my garden and marvel at the palpable life-force energy that is omnipresent in this city of angels. Jessica has had a storied career as a rock-n-roll biographer, now living her manifested dream as author and editor of The Library of Esoterica series. 

Our conversation delves into the sacred realms of plant medicine, as Jessica’s deep reverence for Nature comes to the fore. Her path as an illuminator of all things esoteric is clear and is strewn with the medals of her lifelong work in the arts. We touch on the healing potential of psychedelics, the magic of sacred sites, and the power of the garden.

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