Crystal Tones Sound Alchemy Private Experience

Crystal Tones Sound Alchemy Private Experience

Crystal Tones Sound Alchemy Private Experience

Crystal Tones Sound Alchemy Private Experience

Location: Dina Saalisi Healing Arts Studio         St. Helena, CA or at Your Location

Date & Time: TBD by Mutual Agreement

Price: Enquire for Package Rates

Minimum 6 guests, maximum 12 at the St. Helena studio. Smaller and larger groups and alternate locations by request.

Crystal Tones Sound Alchemy Private Experience
Crystal Tones Sound Alchemy Private Experience


The primordial sounds of nature are the innate backdrop to life. When we are in places where the harmonies of birds, bees, water, and air, are at the forefront of our environment, we connect with a sense of peace and inner calm that resonates throughout our being.

Aware of the potency of the auric field, I’ve sought out some very unique Crystal Tones singing bowls to create a wholly nourishing and empowering sound healing experiences for others. Made of pure quartz crystal and infused with precious gemstones and metals, when used in sound baths, the various tones create harmonies with similar vibrations found in nature. Deeply nourishing and supporting your energy centers from a higher frequency, the resonance extends beyond your time being “bathed” and continues to create healing within your entire energetic system.

I’d love to host your private sound healing experience for up to 12 guests in my magical wellness sanctuary in downtown St. Helena, CA. An empowering and uplifting activity for birthdays, bridal parties, out of town guests or girl’s night out, I will tailor your event to your unique desires.

By request at your location.

In attuning to crystalline sound energy, it’s likely you will notice:

  • A calmer, more relaxed demeanor.
  • A more positive outlook on life.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Better focus and clarity.
  • More joy and inspiration.

As your energetic body comes into greater alignment, you may also notice:

  • Less physical pain and inflammation.
  • Greater emotional balance.
  • Healthier lifestyle choices.
  • More authenticity.
Crystal Tones Sound Healing Private Experience

90-minute Experience Includes:

  • Guided Meditation
  • Crystal Tones Sound Bath
  • Flower & Gem Essence Sample Bar
  • Tea
Crystal Tones Sound Healing Private Experience

Customer Reviews

Dina is a gifted FE practitioner, coach, and healer. She generously shares her insights and experience with her students. I have studied with Dina over the years and always look forward to her fantastic classes.

- Bonita

I liked everything about this class. Learning about Bach essence was enlightening . The organization of materials and using zoom to communicate with other class mates enriched the learning process.

- Gwendolyn

I enjoyed the detailed overview of the Bach Flower Essences. I also very much enjoyed the direct interaction with classmates.

- Marina

This course is an amazing balance of insightful instruction, self-reflection and interaction that really makes learning about the flower remedies an unforgettable experience. Dina's down-to-earth instruction is informative and inspirational. This class is perfect for anyone just starting their work with flower remedies and for more seasoned practitioners. If I had to choose one word to describe the class it would be magical!

- Jessica

I truly enjoyed the whole program, and what I liked the most was the meditation with the essences and the sharing afterwords. I also enjoyed a lot prescribing for others and listening to others about their recommendations for myself. i found very useful to have the cheat sheet.... and that the division to learn and integrate...

- Belen

Loved the course. Having a group of people to share perceptions and experiences on the flowers was a mind opening experience. Dina, with her kindness and knowledge, would explain everything with such clarity, making sure everyone could understand what was brought up, without leaving any doubt behind. Thank you!

- Gabriel

Every class I feel a sense of care and passion towards the magical essences. I find that Dina is extremely talented in the way she teaches and takes your mind into a field of color. By the end of every class, I always feel anew while being more connected with each tincture and finding myself fully alive in the aspirations. Thank you to all my classmates. I feel there is such respect and support to each other that feels like one of the safest places to be.

- Amanda

I would highly recommend this class for anyone in a healing profession. I was amazed by the innate connection we all have to flowers. I'm so grateful to have this beautiful medium available to me to support myself, my loved ones, and my clients in our healing journeys.

- Stephanie

I found support with a nice group of people and an empathic and educated teacher. I found how working together in a team can help tremendously to understand our uniqueness and potential. This was a very special class for me, where I found that some of my traumas from the past can be healed. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge of flower essences. I felt this is just a beginning.

- Lilia Valitova

Dina's Bach Flower Essentials is a wonderful introduction to the healing power of flower essences. Within just a few weeks of the class, I learned so much about myself that I hadn't seen before. Seeing my strengths and weaknesses through the lens of these flowers took the emotional charge of out of self-examination and allowed me to see my experience in the world with less ego, more tenderness, and treat myself and those around me with more care and understanding.

- Jennifer Dixon

Dina provided a safe and welcoming learning environment to explore the power of flower essence as a healing modality. I enjoyed the variety of activities she used to teach about the different flowers and apply them to healing in our lives. She engaged us in a good mix of didactic learning, sharing, working in small groups, and solo activities to keep the class flowing. I highly recommend this as an introduction to Bach flower essence or as a refresher course.

- Christina Selby

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