The Art of Flower Therapy

A Comprehensive Guide to Using the Energy of Flowers to Heal, Thrive, and Live a Vibrant Life

The Art of Flower Therapy is a comprehensive guide to working with the original 38 Bach flower remedies to support dynamic health and optimal well-being.

Since the beginning of time, flowers and plants have been used as medicine.  Energy healing and holistic methods are growing in popularity as many people are feeling a need to explore different areas of health and wellness and moving away from traditional medicine.

The Art of Flower Therapy  teaches us, step by step, how to

  • gain greater self-awareness
  • achieve emotional balance and harmony
  • attain better health and well-being
  • forge a deeper connection with nature
  • how to live the life you desire
  • integrate flower therapy into their day-to-day ives

Readers will receive a clear understanding of the 38 Bach flower remedies and the seven emotional states. The Art of Flower Therapy outlines a simple process to balance emotions, which in turn, leads to better health. Through the various methods outlined, you’ll feel confident in your ability to choose single and combination remedies for yourself as well as for others.

The book is also supported by sumptuous images to help explore the art of flower essence therapy. Harness the tremendous power of flowers to fully embrace the life you truly were meant to live. The Art of Flower Therapy is the perfect companion to Listening to Flowers.