Flower Essences Explained

Flower Essences Explained

Ever since the beginning of time, everywhere in the world, wild flowers and plants have been used as medicine.  Recognizing the symbiosis between humans and nature allows for deep, inner change. for growth empowers us within the healing process by helping balance emotions, leading to greater health.

In 1930’s England, renowned physician, bacteriologist and homeopath, Dr. Edward Bach developed a system of using plant essences to relieve the disharmony of disease. He felt strongly that there was a simple method of medicine that would allow for the mind, body and soul connection of each individual person, without placing an emphasis on physical symptoms.  He was a pioneer in his field and without the support of the medical community, left behind a successful practice and immersed himself in nature in search of a better way.  Through keen intuition, clever insights and deliberate trials he was led to discover that challenging human emotions could be balanced with positive, energetic qualities from 38 select flower remedies.

The essence of each flower is captured by floating the freshest blooms in a glass bowl of spring water, activated by the sun or by boiling.   The resulting remedies are taken internally, completely safe, without side effects and do not interfere with other healing modalities.  The action felt is subtle with a gentle shift in consciousness and a sense of renewed equilibrium.  For over 80 years professional as well as lay healers have been using Dr. Bach’s method with successful results.

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