Health Coaching Services

Connect with your story to transform it. Transcend and include it.
Empowerment comes when you shift your perspectives and create new awareness.

Health coaching services

Health Coaching Services and the Magic…

What holds you back from creating the extraordinary life you desire?

Vastly different from an “illness narrative,” which focuses on symptoms and cures, my powerful health coaching services helps to illuminate each person’s unique power for creating change. Through a partnership that sparks your deepest desires, I invite you to discover true freedom from challenges and experience living the life you truly desire.

Creating an extraordinary life emphasizes shifting your perspectives and creating new awareness. My transformative healing programs and health coaching services, help you to master personal empowerment and take charge of your outcomes. With a Healer’s Mindset, you become able to transform old habits and patterns into new ways of thriving.

National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Health coaching services

Everybody has a story that they tell themselves over and over again. What stories do you currently tell and how do you tell them? Do they serve your growth and empowerment or do they keep you stuck in living a life of despair? The choices you make and the stories you tell emerge from how you see your life and have a powerful impact on what you’ll be able to do next.

Stories Matter ~ Re-create your own story and learn to tell a new one – one that includes increased insight and empowerment.

Relationships Engage ~ A coaching relationship offers an environment for profound understanding and impactful change.

Learning Transforms ~ Learning allows you to reframe challenges and discover new opportunities, fostering greater health.

Growth Heals ~ Cultivate emotional growth, increase your capacity and achieve outstanding results!

Health Coaching Services

I Help People Learn How To
Thrive & Live Vibrant Lives

Relationships engage. Working with a skillful coach provides a dynamic foundation for healing. With guidance in developing your unique strengths for personal empowerment, you emerge stronger, healthier and more resilient.

A woman suffering with MS contacted me to help her manage her symptoms. She was depressed and in pain which kept her bedridden most days. In 4 months of working together she began a small business start-up, volunteered as a coordinator for the MS walk in her city, lost those unwanted pounds and now “rests” as needed to honor her body.


I would love to hear from you and see how I can help you to create the extraordinary life you deserve! Contact me to schedule a coaching conversation.

What is Narrative Health Coaching?

A Conversation with Dina

~ Appointments Available Worldwide – In Person, Video, or Phone ~

Healing shouldn’t be hard. With my guidance and support, you can begin to live the life you truly desire!

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