9 Flower Essences for Sensual Empowerment

A Master Flower Essence Practitioners Wisdom

9 Flower Essences for Sensual Empowerment

9 Flower Essences for Sensual Empowerment Article written by Dina Saalisi and Published at Spirituality + Health

A master flower essence practitioner offers her favorite flower essences to encourage healing and embodied sensuality.

Flowers offer a delight for the senses, with their delicious fragrances, glorious colors, and beautiful forms. A manifestation of nature’s magnificence, their presence contributes to personal wellbeing by simply appearing before us.

It’s no wonder we offer floral bouquets as acts of celebration and love. The energy from flowers is so potent that on the quantum level, it has a healing quality that can be accessed in the form of flower essence remedies. Akin to homeopathy, the small bottles of tinctures are taken orally for a short period of time to balance challenging emotions. Used for centuries by herbalists and healers, flower therapy gained popularity in the 1930s with the in-depth discoveries of Dr. Edward Bach and has since become a worldwide self-care phenomenon.


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