Finding Meaning with the Oracle Deck

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Finding Meaning with the Oracle Deck

When we work with the oracle, we look towards the cards to make meaning of a certain situation, or to simply guide us in our day. To pick up a deck, and seek wisdom, is a collaboration with self, and seer. We set an intention to trust the source, and all it has to offer, for better or for worse. For instance, the dreaded Death card in the tarot, upon further reflection guides us towards resurrection, renewal, and transformation. Oftentimes, we ask about love or success, only to be let down by an image that represents failure or bad luck. These are inverse messages, or “challenges” that can be viewed as catalysts for change.

Using the Oracle Deck

The best way to approach an oracle deck, is to recognize first, that you already possess the answers within yourself, and the messages in the cards are meant to confirm what you already know to be true. This empowers the seeker in a way that deepens the process of self-awareness. Begin with a question, then reflect on the messages that emerge, and trust that whatever arises is exactly the right medicine.

Listening to Flowers oracle deck, is about listening to your emotions, and recognizing how they either prop you up or hold you back. It’s an easeful process of self-discovery through the lens of the healing power of the 38 Bach flower remedies. Most everyone can relate to the essential wisdom conveyed, because everyone has felt variations of the 38 emotional states, at one time or another in their life. The addition of gorgeous artwork, and poetic affirmations, enhances understanding of your emotions, thereby creating a deeper healing experience.

Today, I drew the Gentian card at random:

I meet challenges with enthusiasm and conviction

I continue my journey with renewed hope

I have faith in the process of absolute success

Interestingly, Gentian is one of the flowers in my current combination formula, so it is indeed relevant to what’s currently up for me. I take in the words and reflect on the energy. I remind myself that my obstacles are not insurmountable, and that success is available to me, as I change my perspective. What if Gentian were not one of my current flowers? How might I approach the message? I could feel into the words, and image, and notice when perhaps I have felt unsuccessful or discouraged in the past. Alternately, I might recognize when I have felt victory in the past and use this resource as an anchor for my future successes. The idea is, that however we choose to make meaning, we support our healing process, as we spark awareness within.

How to Approach a Reading

I invite you to take some time to relax, reflect, and renew your perspective. What is it that you wish to know? Close your eyes, and allow words, images, and sounds to emerge. Let your hands glide over the cards and mix them while asking your question in your mind’s voice. Your fingers will intuitively draw a card. Place the image side up in front of you. Gaze at the flower, notice the colors and shapes. What thoughts, feelings and sensations emerge? When you’re ready, turn the card over, and repeat the affirmation either aloud or in your mind’s voice. Close your eyes and allow the essence to wash over you. Allow yourself to trust what calls to be heard. This is the deep process of listening to flowers. Blessed be.

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