Awakening the Divine Feminine

Awakening the Divine Feminine

Awakening the Divine Feminine

The Wonder of the Feminine

Just as the gentle, rolling tide turns to crashing waves on the shore, the feminine is alive in a continual ebb and flow. A rhythm that fluctuates from soothing to erratic, vulnerable to fierce, the true nature of the Divine Feminine is dynamic and complex. She opens and receives, dances with the unknown and, in turn, bestows her gifts of heartfelt warmth and passionate desire. Awakening and honouring this magnetic life force is both an exciting and reflective process. Harnessing this potent energy with awareness and skill leads to authentic joy and deep empowerment.

Energy Out of Balance

Every human possesses feminine and masculine energies. The masculine energetic force governs thought and action. This becomes manifest when we use our minds to solve problems and our physical momentum to get things done. The feminine energetic force governs emotion and intuition. This becomes manifest when we are inspired to create something or when we open to our feelings. Valuing intellect over intuition has become paramount in our patriarchal cultures, leading to an imbalance of our divine essence. Relearning to trust the sentience within ourselves allows us to recover our wholeness. To achieve an energetic balance, we can mindfully raise our feminine energetic vibration with essences and intuitive and emotional practices. In reclaiming this lost part of our nature, we begin to honour this feminine consciousness, which will, in turn, support the highest form of masculine wisdom. I would like to share with you some of the essences and practices I feel are most effective in restoring our connection with the Divine Feminine.

Honouring the Sacred Feminine with Essences & Rituals

Feminine Self-Love Healing

Igniting the quality of self-love is powerful medicine for awakening the Divine Feminine. Am I able to truly love myself, just as I am? We are already perfect at the core of our being. Yet, self-judgments and doubts can obscure this truth. How do I reconnect with my innate self-love amidst the noise of my thoughts and feelings?

I view Crab Apple essence as a universal ally for eliciting self-love. At times, we find it difficult to embrace love and accept ourselves. The challenges might present as negative body images or a compulsion to constantly focus on small details. The transformative power of this flower offers a sense of acceptance for things just as they are – for myself, just as I am. We learn to welcome the beauty of our imperfections, embrace our purity and relax into our divine perfection as is.

Over the last few years, I’ve cultivated a deep connection with Jasmine essence, spending hours listening to the messages echoing from this angelic flower. The energy Jasmine emits is one of radiance, allowing us to confidently display our inner beauty. This night-blooming flower connects us with our ability to enter into darkness, illuminating the light within the shadows. We become more able to nourish and attune to ourselves, harnessing the effulgent nature of this essence in service to our wounded parts.

Rose Quartz is a powerful essence for evoking deeper self-love. Gem essences bring stability to combination formulas. This heart-opening mineral is a potent force for many. When stagnation occurs in the heart chakra with an inability to give and receive love, this remedy is called for. The transformation is a felt sense of warmth and tenderness for self, others and the planet, a foundational element when cultivating heart-centered acceptance.

Awakening the Divine Feminine

Practice: Releasing

Judgment Judgments against self, no matter how trivial, undermine our divine power. This practice helps to quiet the negative voice of limiting beliefs. John Pateros of Process Coaching developed it as a tool to release negative assumptions through neuro-linguistic programming, which is literally the practice of learning to shift the language of your mind. I use it regularly in my work with others. Typically, I will guide someone through this process in a healing session and offer it as an effective practice to be done at home whenever judgments arise.

Begin by sitting with your feet grounded into the earth. Take several deep, full breaths to connect with your body. Recall a time in the recent past when you had a negative assumption about yourself. Notice the physical sensations that arise and ask yourself, “Where am I feeling this in my body?” Locate the feeling in your body, and as you are experiencing the energy of the feeling, ask yourself, “What is the judgment here?” You are looking for negative value judgments against self, along the lines of “I am bad because I….” When you’ve found a judgment, say out loud or in your mind’s voice: “I release the judgment that I am bad because I ____.” (Insert whatever you did, thought or felt.) The next step is to change your mind about the perception itself, by saying out loud or in your mind’s voice: “I release the judgement that ____ is bad or wrong.” (Insert the same as above.) If the judgment is a negative quality such as “I am lazy,” “stupid,” “unworthy,” etc., or ‘too sensitive,” “too controlling,” etc., finish up with the following release statement: “I release the judgment that I am in fact ____.” After releasing the judgment, revisit the feeling that you began with and notice any changes in your body. Continue releasing judgments until you are able to accept the feeling in your body as it is or until it no longer feels ‘bad.’ Use this practice any time you are faced with negative assumptions. The more able you are to transform self-judgments as they arise, the easier it will become to cultivate a true sense of self-acceptance and love.

Cultivating Inner-Knowing

Often when we hear the word “intuition,” we think of a sixth sense or an occultist phenomenon that is available only to special people who are psychic or gifted. In reality, we are all born with the ability to attune to our deepest sense of inner S e n t i r e International Essence Magazine 54 knowing. Re-learning how to listen for the quiet voice inside and trust in knowing that we already have all the answers is empowering and catalyses the Divine Feminine. Cultivating our intuition offers a necessary alternative to our habit of looking for answers outside ourselves. When we are constantly putting our faith in others to answer our questions and turning away from our interior landscape, Cerato offers an opening to the channels of inner knowing. The essence provides a pathway, connecting us to the higher self.

An inbalanced quest for knowledge becomes a harmonious trust in instinct, leading to more dynamic intellect grounded in the truth of pure knowing.

Flower Essences White Chestnut

Over-thinking is another habit that prevents our sense of deeper knowing. Getting stuck in our heads, unable to turn off the incessant chatter, points to White Chestnut. Anxiety, worry or insomnia indicate a mind constantly in motion. This flower guides us away from excessive mental energy, allowing us to rest in the peaceful space of a still mind, providing the opportunity to listen to the quiet voice inside.

The gem Moonstone has long been revered as a powerful ally for connecting with psychic realms. The essence is used when we find our sensitive awareness blocked by a hard exterior. The transformation reflects the energy of the moon and aids us in becoming more open and aware of our ability to receive information from the source of the Sacred Feminine.

Practice: Listening to My Feminine Inner Voice

Journaling is one of the best ways to connect with our unconscious, all-knowing voice. The practice can be done in as little as 10-minutes a day and is deeply insightful and rewarding.

Choose a time of day when you are alone, without disturbances. First thing in the morning is a magical time, when the unconscious mind is open and unaffected by outside influences. Begin by making yourself comfortable and centering with several deep breaths. Set a timer for 10-minutes and engage in “stream of consciousness” writing. Allow your thoughts, feelings and sensations to flow freely onto the page. Write about whatever feels most compelling. If you can’t think of anything, write: “I can’t think of anything,” until words emerge. Don’t worry about getting it right or editing yourself. Record your dreams from the previous night, in as much detail as possible. Our dreams are gateways to the soul and provide a wealth of information from the unconscious mind that can’t be accessed by the logical brain. On the new and full moon of each month, go back and re-read your journal. Observe patterns and insights illuminated by this process. Bring your newfound awareness into the light and embrace your truths as pure knowing. On the full moon, intuition is heightened. Embrace this magical time by using the following affirmation to gain deeper insights into the unknown. I like to think of it as harvesting moon energy. Listen for the quiet voice and trust that whatever comes, is your supreme guidance.

Earth Energy Medicine

Much of the work of reclaiming the Divine Feminine, is about re-learning how to uphold and honour Earth energy. In attuning to this, we join in the dance of Earth and Spirit. Forgetting to slow down and commune with this fortifying presence cuts us off from our vital source. Each time we allow ourselves to drink in the imagery, scents and sounds of this omnipotent force, we awaken the Divine Feminine, igniting a spark of earth energy that radiates outward to all humanity.

One block to being able to connect to Earth energy is rooted in closedheartedness. Often, we are unaware of this blockage and it erupts into jealousy, anger and hatred. We feel disconnected from humanity, which leaves us bereft of love for Mother Earth. Holly essence supports a dynamic flow of heart-centered energy that helps us engage with our fellow humans and all life in a deep way. We become less threatened and more open to the divinity that dwells in the hearts of humankind. In the Bach system, Holly is used when one is resistant to flower essence treatment, as a closed heart is recognised as a block to healing.

Flower Essences California Wild Rose

The essence of California Wild Rose addresses stagnation that appears as a disconnection from life. When we are faced with apathy and lack of enthusiasm, this elegant flower imbues us with a sense of joyful responsibility for the Earth and all her gifts. The Divine Feminine responds by finding compassion for others and a desire to serve from a place of a higher calling. No longer resigned to plodding along without meaning, we become actively engaged in tasks and relationships that are truly loving.

A universal challenge I notice among well-intentioned stewards of Earth energy is the habit of over-intellectualising the problems that are arising through humankind’s exploitation of Nature. Turquoise helps us to align the channels of Earth and Spirit with deep reverence and wisdom. This gem supports a higher masculine consciousness, which serves the Divine Feminine from a place of grounded awareness. From here, we are able to maintain a deep connection to Earth that truly reflects our responsibility.

Practice: Joining with Nature

When we commune with the wild, we expand our relationship with the Divine Feminine. Even those who live in cities can get a daily dose of Nature within the bounds of parks and gardens. I’ve yet to find anyone who doesn’t recognise the magic in the beauty and rhythms of Nature. When engaging in these practices, open yourself to curiosity and awe. Keep a dedicated unlined journal for sketching and reflecting your outdoor experiences.

Spend time outdoors each day. Even as little as 15-minutes on your lunchbreak, is enough to deeply replenish and reminds you that you are one with the phenomena of Nature. During this time, mindfully notice the flowers, trees, waters and animals that appear before you. Take a weekly hike that lasts for at least two hours. Indulge in beaches, forests and wilderness in your local area. Bringing yourself repeatedly back into Nature’s arms creates a connection that evolves into a deep respect for Earth energy. Listen to flowers. Use your heightened perception to heed the messages conveyed. The colours, fragrances and habits of each flower all have a unique story to tell. Whether they supply medicine, food or pleasure, these gifts of Nature are here for us to utilise and enjoy. We can obtain their healing energy simply by being present with their essence. The therapeutic qualities offered through communion with flowers is potent medicine and is available in abundance.

Divine Sensuality

As we begin to awaken the Divine Feminine, our bodies feel lighter and more open to sensuality. This seems a natural progression from healing our hearts, catalyzing our intuition and connecting with Nature. Our souls become enlivened with a sense of arousal that feels both spiritual and erotic. Some of us take longer than others to develop awareness of our bodies as sensual instruments. Abuse, neglect and the patriarchal culture most of us live within all hinder our views of our body as a holy vessel. This challenge can be overcome as we find sources of healing that speak to our true nature of sensual delight.

Physical and emotional trauma often make it difficult to feel connected to our bodies. A common pattern is to indulge in daydreams or drugs in order to avoid the pain of abuse. These habits are formed as a source of protection and, in our divine consciousness, no longer serve us. Clematis provides deep healing by awakening the S e n t i r e International Essence Magazine 59 soul to a sense of safety in the here and now. We transcend the need to escape as we become grounded in the strength of our own dynamic presence.

When we have experienced our bodies as the subject of wounding, we become disconnected from our physical being, creating obstacles to sensual opening. Alpine Lily is used to promote a radiant feminine energy that reconnects us to honouring our bodies as divine. Often when I meet with a client after prescribing this flower, I notice a softened appearance stemming from a new openness and acceptance of the physical form.

Awakening the Divine Feminine

The distorted cultural ideas that favour unrealistic stereotypes of sexuality prey on the psyches of men and women alike and engender a dehumanised view of feminine imagery. When sexual assault and exploitation are part of our experience, Hibiscus offers its glowing warmth to enliven passionate pleasure. We become responsive to tender touch and feel truly alive as sensual beings. The ability to enjoy love-making is restored and the soul is healed of past violations.

Practice: Connecting with My Body

Taking time each day to connect with our bodies, is a practice that is energising as well as calming. Finding ways to consciously express ourselves through movement is empowering and brings our divinity deliciously to life. Several times a week, explore various practices to connect with your body in ways that feel the most compelling.

The ancient art of yoga is a wonderful way to discover your body’s strength, flexibility and sensuality. Seek out a class that most resonates with your style of movement. Qi Gong is a subtle energy practice that can be engaged in for a short amount of time, with profound results. One might notice increased vitality as well as a more peaceful demeanor from practicing this refined flow of movement. Hibiscus S e n t i r e International Essence Magazine Images: Courtesy of Dina Saalisi and Shutterstock; Image of Dina by Winnie Pitrone Website: 60 Self-expression through singing is an ardent endeavor that invites us to find our voice without inhibition. Singing circles and choirs offer a sense of community, as we rise up together and cry out in passionate display. The element of water provides a sensuous experience that can be cultivated regularly. At least once a week, find water to connect with. Lakes, rivers, hot springs and oceans provide a deep sense of nourishment to our bodies. As well as bathing in these natural sources, we can find delightful support in taking baths at home. Use aromatherapy oils such as Rose, Jasmine and Ylang Ylang to arouse the Divine Feminine. Several times a week, give yourself the gift of loving touch. Affectionately stroke and caress the parts of your body that stimulate pleasure and bliss. By developing more awareness of our own sensual rhythms, we become more sexually responsive and better able to commune with others in an uninhibited way.

Embracing Wholeness

In working toward self-empowerment, there is comfort in realising that we are our own healers, endowed with our own unique medicine. The key to unlocking our healing potential is in trusting and strengthening our inner experience. By authentically elevating the Divine Feminine within, we join with that aspect of ourselves, our feelings and intuition.

Through connection with essences and rituals that help to cultivate loving acceptance, trust in intuition, honouring the earth and connecting with body, we become stronger and more skillful at managing imbalances in our connection to our divine force. In the light of harnessing self-care, we can notice when we need to give ourselves the time and energy we deserve and apply these healing practices, which activate the Divine Feminine within. We will emerge stronger, more graceful, and more sensual, with a sense of wholeness that can be reclaimed as our very own.

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