The Art of Flower Essence Therapy

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The Art of Flower Essence Therapy

Article by Radiance Magazine, Flower Essence, July 2021

I absolutely love knowing that I can work with flowers to relieve suffering. I’ve been using them for nearly thirty years and…they work! This excites me and also frustrates me a bit, as we live in a culture that accepts scientific proof as the only certainty. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate having greater knowledge of the earth and understanding how we can work with nature to benefit our lives. But what about the value derived from our own awareness?

Indeed, personal experience counts for most of our understanding and feelings about the world around us. Why then do we keep putting our inner-knowing on the back-burner, in favor of a calculated approach, that often leaves us bereft of a rich involvement in life?

A few years ago, I taught a workshop on how to use flower essences to support healing from trauma. When it came time for Q&A, one of the students questioned how flower essences work and if they are nothing more than placebo. They went on to say that the class felt like “a woo-woo Saturday Night Live skit.” My response was that it’s true that there hasn’t been much scientific research done on the efficacy of flower essences, or any energy medicines for that matter, but that we can learn to trust our experience as the proof. In many cultures empirical knowledge is coupled with scientific research, to gain a complete understanding of complex organisms.

And most health care systems throughout the world recognize alternative healing methods as effective as a first course for many ailments, or at least alongside medicalized approaches. It is my vision to bring flower essence medicine into the mainstream and remove any occult stereotypes attached. So, my experience for the last thirty years has been that these
tiny bottles with nothing more than the minute essence from a flowering plant, work exceptionally well to transform both acute and chronic emotional challenges. This I know to be true, from my own observations, as well as witnessing the healing of others, every day.

Now more than ever, the care of our bodies and minds, falls upon us. Flower essence therapy is a powerful and easy to use tool for creating optimal health. I invite you to take a deep dive into the wild energy of flowers and learn how to use this dynamic system, in eight weeks. My course is designed to guide you in understanding the uses of the 38 Bach flower essences and to enable you to prescribe with confidence, for yourself and for others. Whether you’ve never heard of flower essences before or if you’re a seasoned connoisseur of energy medicine, you will gain new perspectives in self-healing that will support you on your journey towards dynamic well-being.

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