Transforming Trauma with Flower Essences and Affirmations

Transforming Trauma with Flower Essences and Affirmations

Transforming Trauma with Flower Essences and Affirmations

Trauma is defined as any emotional or physical upset resulting in the inability to live in the present without being overwhelmed by the past. Transforming trauma with Flower essences and affirmations can help.  Unhealthy behaviours, poor relationship choices and post-traumatic stress often emerge as consequences of unresolved trauma. The repercussions surface as a feeling of being stuck.  Therefore, this impacts our lives in many ways, until it is consciously addressed and ultimately healed.

All of us have experienced trauma in one form or another. The very experience of being born is traumatic. At one time you were safely and peacefully existing inside your mother’s womb.  Then, through the birthing process, you became instantly cold, hungry and uncomfortable.  You were filled with fear and helplessness. If you were fortunate, what followed was a healing.

Given love and having your basic needs fulfilled, you adjusted to life and began to thrive. You instinctively understood that your needs would be met and you felt loved.  This allowed for a healthy transition into the world.

Many of the clients I work with in transforming trauma with flower essences are survivors of early childhood physical and emotional abuse.  As a result, the trauma associated with this form of abuse is severe.  This is because someone violated and betrayed you.  Consequently, you were unable to make sense of what was happening. You felt unsafe and scared.

The good news is, transforming trauma with flower essences, healing is possible.

Humans have an innate capacity to strive towards – and achieve – wholeness of being. Although recovering from trauma is a challenging process, transforming trauma with flower essences and remedies, as well as enlightened support and the development of positive habits, you have the ability to shift repeated patterns of behavior.  Similarly, you can discover new ways to grow and restore your sense of Self.

We all have the ability to heal, but healing does not mean being free of any future challenges. True healing comes in the form of acceptance of our whole experience and learning how to embrace stories that contribute to growth and recovery.


Throughout the process of trauma recovery, the use of flower essence remedies and transforming trauma with flower essences is beneficial in rebalancing the daunting emotions associated with emotional and physical abuse. In my work as a health coach and flower energeticist, I find the use of positive affirmations, coupled with flower essence remedies, to be transformational in helping clients’ shift trauma. Whether from sexual and physical abuse, or from other traumas such as divorce, loss of a loved one or physical injury. By integrating flower essence remedies, and flower-based narrative and awareness practices, one is able to engage an energetic resonance that supports greater health and spiritual harmony.

Flower energetics is potent subtle energy medicine that works on a deep soul level.


Patricia Kaminski, of The Flower Essence Society, illustrates how the addition of affirmations to flower essence therapy serves to heighten the
experience beyond that which the remedies provide alone:

“Using flower essences and saying affirmations are two synergistic modalities with complementary points of origin. The affirmations begin in the conscious thought life, and gradually penetrate many levels of body-soul reality. The liquid vibrational patterns of the flower essences are directly absorbed into the body-soul and then work to illumine thoughts and feelings.”

By invoking positive energy, in the form of affirmations, from a narrative response, deeper self-awareness is created. Many spiritual teachers guide students in the use of affirmations as a profound part of the healing process. Shakti Gawain, author of the best-selling book Creative Visualization explains the affirmation process:

“Thought is a quick, light, mobile form of energy. It manifests instantaneously, unlike the denser forms such as matter. When we create something, we always create it first in thought form. A thought or idea always precedes manifestation. . . An artist first has an idea or inspiration, then creates a painting. . ..The idea is like a blueprint; it creates an image of the form, which then magnetizes and guides the physical energy to flow into that form, and eventually manifests it on the physical plane.. . . If you constantly think of illness, you may eventually become ill; if you believe yourself to be beautiful, you become so. Unconscious ideas and feelings held inside of us operate in the same way.”


This method utilizes ancient principles relating to life energy in a way that is fresh and inspiring. By joining with these spiritual practices, we re-connect with the vibrant life force that is available to us for nourishment and healing. By going inside our intuitive process and re-learning how to trust that submerged part of our divine feminine force, we begin to attract that which we inherently possess and create a balance between the divine feminine and masculine energy fields.

Merging our divine essences of intuition and intellect, we bring to life wholeness of Being.

When I develop a healing program for a client, I offer affirmations that I created for each flower essence prescribed.  This is so that they can begin to shift their perspectives and view their goals for healing in a positive light.  Rather than focusing on the negativity of their symptoms. It is enlightening for clients to notice which words and phrases are difficult to speak aloud and how this relates to their deeper sense of Self.

By utilizing the beneficial, resonant energy that is available through the spoken word, we develop an ability to transform the stories we tell ourselves and the limiting beliefs we harbour. Far beyond simply eradicating trauma, we transcend and include all aspects of our experience, leading to true healing. By allowing a space for sentience, without judgment, we reclaim and renew the wounded parts of our selves.

I listen to my body and take time for replenishment
My power is restored
through moments of rest
I am capable, strong and resilient

~ Oak Essence affirmations


Sarah* is a 48-year old divorced woman with two teenage children. She has been the manager of a busy café for the past ten years. She came to see me
for emotional support while undergoing radiation treatment for skin cancer. We met for a total of eight fortnightly sessions. In our initial discussion, Sarah talked about how she has difficulty in asking for help, which has been a habit and a struggle for her throughout her life. She is a strong, capable person. She recognizes how this behaviour tends to hold her back from feeling connected with – and trusting – others. I prescribed a combination remedy of Impatiens, Oak, Star of Bethlehem and Walnut, along with the correlating affirmations to recite out loud, daily.  This is how transforming trauma with flower essences and affirmations begins.

Transforming Trauma with Flower Essences and AffirmationsIMPATIENS

Impatiens was used to ease her anxiousness around beginning radiation treatment. This flower essence helped her to stay calm and focused in the
present moment, without spinning off into what might happen.  Oak was her type remedy, as she has the tendency to overdo it and constantly give of herself to others, without knowing when to stop and rest. Oak helped her to honour her body, before growing exhausted.


Star of Bethlehem was used to address the trauma associated with skin cancer treatment, as she felt a sense of shock with her diagnosis. The effect
of this remedy helped her to allow all of her feelings to surface in a supportive manner and catalyze the healing process.

Her Star of Bethelem affirmations:

My Spirit is soothed by inner light
I know that I am greater than my sorrow
I touch my true nature and find comfort and strength


Then, I gave her Walnut for protection from outside influences and for the change taking place in her body. This remedy was intended as a shield against the cancer cells, and to fortify her emotional and physical reserves.  Radiation treatment is going better than Sarah expected. She feels healthy and is receiving much support from friends and healing modalities. Lately, she feels the need to cry and release some emotional stress. She notices that
she holds herself back from this release.

*Sarah is not the client’s real name.

The Next Layer: 4 weeks later

Sarah is more than halfway through radiation treatment and she is surprised at her ability to handle this with courage. She feels more open to receiving support from others and is actually enjoying time with friends, and is working on cultivating the balance between honouring her own needs and doing the same for others. Sarah is questioning why it takes a crisis to initiate self-care. She would like to be able to do more and say more with confidence. I prescribed a combination remedy of Centaury, Impatiens, Larch, Oak, Walnut.


Centaury helped Sarah to recognise and honour her own needs.  This flower is a powerful ally in developing and initiating selfcare practices. It helps one to cultivate a deeper understanding of and a determination to follow your own life path.

I follow my life’s path with determination
I fulfill my own needs with a strong will
I listen to my Self and know I am deserving


Larch is my favourite essence for strengthening self-confidence and is another remedy associated with the after-effects of trauma.  Abuse survivors often harbour a lack of self-confidence, never feeling like they are good enough. This flower enables one to feel positive vulnerability, leading to certainty and self-confidence.

Sarah is nearly done with radiation treatment and will be returning to work full-time. She is learning how to assert herself with poise through her new-found awareness. She is also noticing that it is beginning to feel easier to accept nourishment from others. However, as her emotions begin to shift, she sees guilt and shame surfacing regarding putting her needs first.

Going Deeper: 4 weeks later

After finishing radiation treatment and returning to work full-time, Sarah has felt dissatisfaction with her job and is considering a change. She feels excited, but also somewhat nervous: fearful of the change and experiencing some trepidation in being away from her son during the day. She recognizes that being in Nature feels good.  But there is some leftover fear about going outside in the sun.  Even so, I can see how transforming trauma with flower essences and affirmations has really helped in her progress.

I have prescribed a combination remedy of Larch, Mimulus, Pine, Red Chestnut.


We used Mimulus to combat the fear that came up around going outdoors, as well as the nervousness about getting a new job. Mimulus is useful when the cause of the fear is easily recognized and there is a feeling of uncontrollable nervousness. This remedy instills courage and inner-calm.

My inner strength is grounded in fearless courage
I face challenges with curiosity and confidence
I stand tall and know I am safe


Pine was for the feelings of guilt around honouring her own needs. Often abuse survivors have been made to feel guilty, causing feelings of shame and self-reproach in later life. Pine is a wonderful ally in restoring feelings of self-worth and acceptance.


Red Chestnut was used to address her fear of being away from her son.  The essence helped her to recognize that her son will be safe with the support of family and friends who are available while she’s at work.

Over the past two weeks, Sarah has been looking for a new job and she told her boss at the café that she is leaving at the end of the month. She
has job interviews lined up and, although there is uncertainty, it feels exciting to be moving in a direction of growth toward doing work that feels more fulfilling. Lately, Sarah is noticing her ability to be more vulnerable with others. She has been able to do and say things that do not feel entirely comfortable with a sense of more courage. Her health continues to thrive: she has been able to maintain outdoor physical activity, which lends to her overall well-being.


Sarah began a new job as an innkeeper at a Victorian hotel – a dream of hers for many years. She is happy with this change but still feels a bit fearful of being in a new environment with new people, and notices her tendency to want to be good at things right away”.  Sarah is learning to shift gears from doing and making it happen to acceptance of the process.

I prescribed a combination remedy of Mimulus, Pine and Rock Water.


The addition of Rock Water addressed her habit of holding herself to a high standard of performance. This essence helps one to relax into the flow and enjoy the unfolding experience.

I accept the flow of my natural rhythm
I release rigidity as I welcome flexibility
I soften to the joy that washes over my Spirit

Sarah observed the following regarding how she had progressed: she has greater acceptance, feeling “more surrendered, yet able to take control”.  She has begun recognizing her own needs, allowing herself to say “no” and setting boundaries.  Trusting her intuition and following it has allowed her to be better at allowing others to nurture her.  She feels less anxious and “more relaxed into Self”, and finally, she is experiencing thriving emotional and physical health.  Transforming trauma with flower essences and affirmations is a wonderful way to resolve and find peace.


The following are some of the flower essences I find particularly useful in working with trauma survivors for transforming trauma with flower essences.


Cherry Plum is one of the five flowers in Rescue Remedy and is used to counterbalance fear of losing control. Many abuse survivors inflict harm upon themselves or others as a way to gain control over an out of control situation. This flower helps one connect with body and mind, allowing for a pause before going so far as to commit a harmful act.  Cherry Plum offers a sense of true emotional composure.


Clematis is used for the dissociation that often accompanies trauma survival. When we are helpless and something terrifying is happening, it is a self-preserving measure to dissociate from the situation. Years later, many survivors still unknowingly use this tactic to protect themselves, even from minor discomforts. This flower helps one reconnect to physical presence with a sense of grounding.


Crab Apple is an effective remedy for a distorted sense of body image that many abuse survivors hold on to, which sometimes shows up as obsessive-compulsive tendencies. For those who feel unclean and impure, finding it hard to accept any imperfections, this flower allows for self-acceptance and a positive self-image without the preoccupation with perfection.

WHITE CHESTNUTTransforming Trauma with Flower Essences and Affirmations

White Chestnut is used for the mental anxiety of recurring thoughts that cannot be stopped. Trauma survivors often replay unwanted scenes over and over in their minds and feel trapped by these thoughts and images. The essence of White Chestnut restores peace of mind with the ability to stay focused in the present moment.


Transforming trauma with flower essences and affirmations has a way of invoking the positive energy of flowers through affirmations to deepen the experience of using essences.  It creates positivity around negative assumptions. We all have limiting beliefs and stories in which we engage. Learning to broaden our perspectives contributes to our growth and healing. It is an empowering process that transforms negative thought patterns into positive beliefs.  Through the healing light of flower energy, transforming trauma with flower essences can be accomplished.  Certainly, we can reclaim our true nature and lead fulfilling and enjoyable lives.

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