Bach Flower Essence Remedies for Topical Use


Bach Flower Essence Remedies for Topical Use

In this article, I talk about some of my favorite Bach Flower Essence Remedies for Topical use.  Current scientific studies show that disease is rooted in our emotional outlook and experience. How we view our bodies and our ability to heal is a major factor in getting well and healing.  This is why Bach Flower Essence remedies for topical use are gaining popularity.

Bach Flower Essence Remedies for Topical UseDifferent from herbal remedies, which act therapeutically to support and engage organ systems to heal, flower essence remedies for topical use support and engage the emotions so that the soul can heal.  When we perceive something as “wrong” with our physical appearance this causes us to have a distorted self-image and our emotions are negatively affected.

By shifting our negative emotional state to one of positivity, we are able to manifest better overall physical health.  Using flower essence remedies for topical use has proven to have a profound effect on relieving hair and skin symptoms. The skin and hair absorb the positive energetic vibration, creating an inward balance, resulting in health of body, mind and spirit.

Aging skin, thinning hair, acne, eczema, poison oak, shingles are some common challenges related to physical appearance.

My Favorite Flower Essence Remedies for Topical Use

Bach flower essences for topical use are easy to use.  Simply add 4 drops of a personalized remedy to your skin or hair products. Here is a list of some of my favorites, which address common emotional states.

Crab Apple is the best remedy when there are feelings of disgust or impurity. One might have a habit of fixating on minor blemishes or imperfections. This essence helps to impart self-acceptance of physical appearance and a positive body image

Gentian is the remedy of choice when one is discouraged after a setback. Perhaps there was a sudden outbreak of acne or loss of hair due to hormonal shifts or stress and one feels unsure that they will recover. This essence provides courage and an ability to forge ahead in the face of doubt and despondency and gain trust in the healing process.

Honeysuckle essence is used when there is a sense of melancholy relating to the past. When one is preoccupied with wanting to return to a more youthful time, this remedy helps one feel accepting of the present and be able to embrace the aging process with grace and ease.

Bach Flower Essence Remedies for Topical UseImpatiens, as its name suggests, is used when there are feelings of impatience and anxiousness around physical appearances. Those in need are annoyed by the time that it takes the body to go through the healing process. This essence helps to soothe irritation and provides a feeling of calm, allowing for a newfound tolerance.

Olive is the remedy that is called for when there may be exhaustion after a long bout with skin and hair issues, such as poison oak, eczema or skin cancer. This flower essence supplies one with regenerative energy that fuels fortitude, vitality and a renewed interest in life.

Walnut is used for adapting to any sudden changes of the skin and hair, at any stage of life. This essence allows for smooth transitions as well as protection from external influences such as environmental or internal toxins that show up in the hair and skin.

Making Your Own Personalized Plan

This is only a partial list of Bach flower essence remedies for topical use. As with any healing program, it is individualized for your specific needs. Contact me via email or give me a call at (831) 824-4690 to discuss how flower essence remedies can provide you with the emotional balance necessary to help you achieve external healing.

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