California Poppy Healing Energy

California Poppy Healing Energy

~ California Poppy Healing Energy ~

Springtime bliss in California, as the golden poppies sway in the breeze – sprawling far and wide, through meadows, beaches, hills and gardens. It’s hard not to notice the gleaming cups. Pointed caps drop off of unfurling tops, displaying a glorious gold to behold. I am enchanted.

Seeking spiritual truths from euphoric sources can be an enticement for many. Getting lost in the realm of cosmic bedazzlement, from psychedelics and glamour, ties us to superficiality and escapism. The essence of California Poppy brings us back into physical reality, while allowing for a sense of deep spirituality; a trust in a higher power that exists within. No longer searching for an outer utopia, we become connected to our own source of sacred light.

As I sit in my garden and notice the many varieties of native poppies that have volunteered over the years, it’s the bright orange ally that runs rampant. The stunning state flower that knows infamous tales of gold-rush madness and Hollywood illusion captivates and leaves me satiated with its heart-centered radiance.

Photo by Dina Saalisi
Copyright 2018 Dina Saalisi Healing Arts

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