Calla Lily Healing Energy

Calla Lily Healing Energy
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Calla Lily Healing Energy

~ Calla Lily Healing Energy ~

In mid-winter brown bareness, new life contemplates birth. Stillness amidst slightly warmer air pulls me outside, in search of flowering. I gaze upon a sturdy white cup, standing tall and proud in a garden nearly bereft of blooms. I marvel at the symmetry of Nature’s art and remain there, allured.

Calla Lily energy emerges with a life-force duality – the dance of feminine and masculine, striving for rhythm. Divine essences intertwined, this paper-white flower offers an ability to embrace integration of all parts of being. Confusion transformed into empowered personification, manifests as clarity of identity and self-expression.

In awe of the curves and pillars so honestly displayed, the essence of this elegant flower becomes known to me. The many facets of self that come together to create one brilliant shine, reflect unity from within. From this thriving light, my soul moves toward harmony and inner-peace.

Photo by Dina Saalisi
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