Centaury Healing Energy

Centaury Flower Essence Healing Energy

Centaury Healing Energy

I follow my life’s path with determination

I fulfill my own needs with a strong will

I honor myself and know I am deserving

As I travel up the dusty trail in search of hidden gems sprouting from dry soil, my eye catches a candy-pink glint of flower, among a patch of many. I expand my gaze and realize that Centaury flower essence is abloom in profusion, as far as the eye can see. Dotted among Yarrow, Sage and Rock Rose, this tender being holds its place, with certainty. Displaying a demure sensitivity, the medicine offered is that of self-care. But first, one must learn to banish the dutiful stance of self-sacrifice.

The way of the giver, I pause and ponder my place within the divine order of compassion. If I am not able to cater to my own needs, then how will I be able to give to others, in order to provide effective support?

I kneel down and touch the delightful petals, each with their own point, directing me to reach outside of my limits, in order to foster the strength needed to give unto myself. Centaury guides me to the place within, where I feel a sense of nurturance for the care-giver—me. With a newfound awareness of how tending my own needs, more powerfully serves others, I advance the cycle of care for all of humanity.

Flower Essence Centaury Flower Essence Photo by Dina Saalisi
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All rights reserved.

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