Cerato Healing Energy

Cerato Healing Energy

~ Cerato Healing Energy of Intuition ~

 I listen to my inner voice

I release doubt and accept certainty

I embrace my truths as pure knowing

 I bask in the early autumn sunlight, enjoying the butterflies and bees busily at work. The hearty violet-blue patch of Cerato blooms in the waning sun; a blossoming that began last spring and continues to energize the garden. I reflect on the delicate beauty displayed before me and feel a sense of deeper connection within. This magical time of year, when shadows and light hold equal space, is an invitation to go inside and listen to what is asking to be heard.

A lack of trust in our inner knowing is a lack of faith in Self. Allowing the perceptions of others to dictate what should be followed, is a turning away of our deepest truths. When the questions arise, can we trust that we already have the answers? Cerato energy guides us in listening to the quiet voice; the all-knowing part, that speaks softly, from a place of absolute wisdom. Opening to the certainty that lives within ourselves and being able to act from this place of empowerment, is the gift this essence bestows.

I sit with the wildflowers a bit longer and understand how this season of equilibrium will serve me. As the darkness creeps forward, eventually prevailing, I can use this time of depth to shed light on the shadows. Welcoming the difficulties with a sense of knowing is a relief; an acceptance that I don’t have to try and figure it out, as I allow myself to be led down the right path from my own perfect guidance.

Photo by Dina Saalisi
Copyright 2018 Dina Saalisi Healing Arts
All rights reserved.

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