Crab Apple Healing Energy

Crab Apple Healing Energy of Self-Love

Crab Apple Healing Energy

~ Crab Apple Healing Energy ~

I welcome imperfection as opportunity for growth

I view small details as part of a bigger picture

I embrace the perfect wholeness of my being

 Spring finally explodes in magnificent splendor. Buds bursting from branches that were bare a few short weeks ago.  As I walk through the garden, I pause, marveling at the pure beauty of the one-year old Crab Apple tree. The star-like blossoms scented with the powdery fragrance of new life.

The rebirth of this magical time of year is akin to fresh starts and clean slates. All seems possible. We are connected to this energy of purity that is eminent in the pristine white and pink flowers. Crab apple offers a reflection of the perfection of our souls amid the self-talk of faults and flaws.

This flower gifts me with an opportunity to embrace the immaculate frailty of my inner being, as I ponder deeper universal questions. Can I be loved as I am? Can I own my deficiencies and love my Self, warts and all? This is the work at hand. Growing into the wholeness of self-love, this flower guides me into a greater acceptance of life, absolutely as it is.

Photo by Dina Saalisi
Copyright 2018 Dina Saalisi Healing Arts

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