Diamond Healing Energy

Diamond Healing Energy Flower Essences

Diamond Healing Energy

~ Diamond ~

I possess clarity of my divine purpose

Essence work is about exploration, intuition and experience. As I continue to deepen my discoveries of subtle energy medicines, I recognize the stability offered from gem essences. Currently I am dazzled by Diamond’s brilliance. Inwardly gazing into the many facets of this coveted rock, I reflect on the clarity displayed. Feeling the effects of this light-filled gem, I am brought into a new consciousness of my personal power.

Before Diamond becomes polished, its raw qualities are more difficult to perceive. Much like our own healing efforts, at times seeming murky or stagnant, become polished with focused alignment of our truths. As we become more able to catalyze our divine will and realize our divine purpose, we begin to truly shine. The creation of greater inner-radiance, is outwardly reflected in all of our life experiences and our highest Self is able to become manifest.

This magical season of the return of the light is a perfect time to illuminate the depths of being. I am grateful for the inner-peace and harmony felt from Diamond’s energetic luster. I marvel at the jewels we often find at the center of life’s challenges. With renewed intensity, I clearly see the path laid before me.

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