Echinacea Healing Energy

Echinacea Healing Energy

~ Echinacea Healing Energy ~

In the heat of summer, I walk among buzzing bees and dancing butterflies humbly and happily at work. The rhythm of the garden alive with the potent energy of summertime bliss. Illustrious Echinacea offers its bounty. Pinks, purples and even yellows and whites, growing in harmony, stand tall and model the protection that is there for those in need.

Flowers within a flower, the geometry of this magical daisy illustrates the deep connection with Earth and Self. For centuries herbalists have long heralded the powerful immune boosting qualities of this magnificent ally. When we are inundated by trauma, both emotional and physical, our bodies carry the burden, resulting in disharmony and disease. The essence of Coneflower graces us with integrity and fortitude so that we may gain resiliency and healing.

As my fingers glide over the star-shaped petals and rest atop the button-like centers. I can feel the strength that lies within this beauty. My vitality becomes ignited and my body embraces peace, as I allow Echinacea energy to heal my soul.

Photos by Dina Saalisi
Copyright 2018 Dina Saalisi Healing Arts

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