Gentian Healing Energy

Flower Essence Gentian Healing Energy

Gentian Healing Energy

~  Flower Essence Gentian Healing Energy ~

 I meet challenges with enthusiasm and conviction

I continue my journey with renewed hope

I have faith in the process of absolute success

 Sometimes there’s a sinking feeling. After I’ve displayed my gifts, and am not met by a favorable outcome, I hit a dead end. The discouragement comes forward and I am shackled by the belief that there’s no use in trying any further. I pause. Laugh at myself a little. And recognize the limitation of feeling like a failure after a setback. This is Gentian’s keynote.

I wonder a bit more about what holds us back from truly feeling our power? Knowing that setbacks often lead to more appropriate paths, it’s the overpowering feeling of ambivalence that seems to keep us stuck. There is a felt sense of sorrow, mingled with fear—sadness at not having succeeded and fear of not being able to.

When I notice an uncertainty that pervades and keeps me from moving forward with an endeavor, Gentian is the ally of choice. The transformative energy is a renewed sense of hope with an ability to move forward. This powerful essence, re-establishes a sense of confidence and courage–a strengthened ability to continue on and ultimately savor the victory of absolute success.

Flower Essence Gentian Photo by Dina Saalisi
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