Fairy Lantern Healing Energy

Fairy Lantern Healing Energy

~ Fairy Lantern Healing Energy ~

The dusty warmth of the trail under my feet, leads me into secret places where elusive flowers bloom. Catching glimpses of color here and there, my soft gaze falls upon a luminosity hidden among grasses and weeds. Easily passed by the ardent hiker, Fairy Lantern shines it’s light and I allow it to guide me into its mystical presence. As I kneel and touch the delicate orbs, my soul knows both innocence and wisdom.

At times we might get swayed by emotional immaturity, as we refuse to go deeper into Self and refute the healing work that needs to be done. As challenges arise, we become stuck in an adolescent place, not knowing how to implement self-care. A habit of dis-integration, we falter and accept helplessness as our truth. The brilliance of this ethereal flower, illuminates our shadows and radiates a sense of responsibility as strength. No longer feeling dependent on others, Fairy Lantern bestows confidence in our ability to function as healthy adults.

I sit a while longer, not wanting to leave this magical meadow. The lamp-like flowers revealing themselves in abundance. The more I notice them, the more my inner-child feels secure and nurtured. I absorb the glow and hold it within, feeling more enlightened, from the spiritual growth and maturity I possess.

Photos by Dina Saalisi
Copyright 2018 Dina Saalisi Healing Arts

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