Forget-Me-Not Healing Energy

Forget-Me-Not Healing Energy

~ Forget-Me-Not Healing Energy ~

 The patches of heavenly blue petals, staring up at me with a delicate vibrancy, remind me that the curtain of spring is drawing to a close. A reflection of my soul, a sense of longing for what will soon pass, as the season turns. Forget-Me-Not spreads its life force throughout the garden and asks that I will remember the love held in its ethereal flowers.

Grief and sorrow weigh heavy on those who bear the loss of loved ones; a disconnection from souls who’ve departed this earth. Gazing at the winsome blooms, I sense a connection that is beyond the physical, and a comfort in knowing that the link is not broken. A bond that transcends flesh and bone, invites us to rest in the great mystery of what lies beyond, with acceptance.

As the Roses and Salvias start to take their place among the early blossoming beauties, I’m filled with gratitude for another lively spring. The essence of Forget-Me-Not will remain long after the dreamy blue blossoms return back to the earth, peacefully awaiting renewal.

Photos by Dina Saalisi
Copyright 2018 Dina Saalisi Healing Arts

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