The Foundation of Self Nourishment

Self-Nourishment Foundation

The Foundation of Self Nourishment

What is something you do regularly that creates self-nourishment? This is one of the first questions I ask students. when I’m teaching how to design powerful coaching programs.

I ask this question to help illuminate the many different ways in which self-nourishment is developed. I want to convey the foundational importance of engaging nourishing practices to maintain vibrant health and well-being. And, I love the idea that “nourishment” isn’t only about consuming healthy foods, clean air and pure water–it’s also about feeding our souls. It’s about procuring habits and practices that support us in living healthy and meaningful lives.

How do we show up for ourselves on a regular basis? Do we carve out precious time, each day, to give ourselves the nourishment needed to thrive?

As a healer, mother, partner, teacher and friend, I recognize the essential value in nourishing myself each day. If I were unable to show up for myself consistently to cultivate well-being, how would I be able to reliably offer support and care to others?

What gets in the way of creating healthy habits for self-nourishment?

I don’t have enough time. I need to take care of the kids and/or work responsibilities. I’m not motivated.

These are some common responses that reflect an inability to give ourselves the care we need. As we push our own needs aside, a cycle of self-neglect arises and resentments surface. Rather than creating strong inner-resources, which support healthy relationships, we end up giving too much of ourselves. This depletes us of the energy to feed ourselves, which ultimately places burdens on our relationships.

This unhealthy pattern can be transformed by simply and wholly making a commitment to engage in nourishing practices. It only takes a minimum of 10-minutes each day. With consistency, your practices will naturally evolve and expand over time.

Self-nourishment will look different for each of us and has the most profound effects when we include physical, emotional and spiritual practices.

Some examples:

  • Yoga, qi gong, strength training, walking, running, cycling
  • Meditation and guided visualizations
  • Journaling
  • Reading inspirational writing
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Time spent in nature

Part of an even greater practice is in being open to what is available in each moment that offers a chance for discovery. In conclusion, cultivating a strong foundation to engage curiosity and awareness gives us a natural structure from which to build on. Once you commit to continually strengthening this core, you are creating a life that is truly healthy and fulfilling, each day.

So, I ask: What is something you do regularly that creates self-nourishment?

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