Cosmos Healing Energy

Cosmos Healing Energy

~ Gift of Connection With Cosmos: Flower Benefits ~ 

Pink and purple hues bend and sway in lively conversation. Thoughts enlivened through creative words. Colorful ideas painted into eloquent speech. Deep in the midst of autumn vibrant Cosmos flowers stay on and dance a while longer.

Disorganized thoughts form erratic words wanting to be expressed with artistry and flair. An overactive mental process leads to a confused mind. My eye catches this candy-colored spectacle and I focus more intently on what it is I wish to convey. With a golden center of clarity I speak. My ideas become focused and lucid; an articulate expressiveness that is found through this beautifully poised flower.

The long stems congregate in patches of communal bliss. An articulate knowing that being able to reach others with a silver-tongue is a gift of connection. Inventive words resounding in the galaxy can be heard far and wide stemming from the inspiration of a cosmic flower.

Photo by Dina Saalisi
Copyright 2017 Dina Saalisi Healing Arts

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