Honeysuckle Healing Energy

Honeysuckle Healing Energy

Honeysuckle Healing Energy

 I release the past and live for the sweetness of today

I include all of my experiences as part of my whole Being

My Soul finds joy in this present moment

 The garden is alive with the sights, sounds and scents of summer. A bittersweet feeling as we approach the longest day of the year. I notice the interplay of the supple Honeysuckle vines trailing over the wooden fence, reaching and clinging, as if not wanting to let go of this sweetness.  I pause and reminisce about summers past and my heart swells and aches.

At certain times of life, sentimentality might catch us by surprise. Hearkening back to happier times, we yearn for the return of things as they once were. We touch the past and realize we will never be in that place again and a melancholic longing enshrouds. The essence of this delicious flower offers a sense of acceptance of the present moment imbued with joy and peace.

My fingers brush over the angelic blossoms, as I linger in the warmth of the sun. The haunting fragrance stirs my senses and I am caressed in summer’s brilliant glow. Fully awake to the splendor that is mine – in the here and now.

Photos by Dina Saalisi
Copyright 2018 Dina Saalisi Healing Arts

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