Hydrangea Healing Energy

Hydrangea Healing Energy

~ Hydrangea Healing Energy ~

Midsummer garden full of delights. Fragrances and sights sweep me away to a place of contentment and awe. Beyond blue Hydrangea greets me with a deep knowing; a presence that’s both ethereal and earthly. A soul connection that beckons for introspection. Trusting in the great unknown and allowing what is to be, to be.

The energy of “Ajisai,” as it’s heralded in Asia, profound, with a magical ability to reach us with its gift of higher power. Truths flow freely, unable to hide from false spirituality or what we think is right. A true connection with Self, we become able to move forward with a certainty of our destiny, regardless of what seems logical. Intellect grounded in intuition, this powerful ally creates a sense of balanced wisdom from within.

I recognize Hydrangea as my spirit flower and feel its essence by simply gazing at its splendor. Awakening to the highest life force that lives inside of me, I reflect on the beauty that guides me in honoring my will. A regal gift of a luminescent crown that adorns my soul as the seasons pass and I become more whole.

Photos by Dina Saalisi
Copyright 2018 Dina Saalisi Healing Arts

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