Impatiens Healing Energy

Impatiens Healing Energy

~ Impatiens Energy of Peaceful Presence ~

I relax into the calmness of my being

I sail along effortlessly in the perfect stream of time

I am grounded in unwavering patience

The small Impatiens plant beneath the adolescent maple tree, survived a March hoarfrost, an early July drought and a neighboring Jasmine entangling its delicate stems. Tenaciously thriving amid early autumnal rain and creeping darkness, I’ve witnessed its struggle since last spring. Watching and waiting – finally luscious mauve blooms appear.

The very first flower Dr. Bach encountered along the essence path, Impatiens displays a forward movement of energy. Those in need fall into bouts of loneliness and isolation, moving too quickly for others to keep up. This out of synch mis-step, often leaves us feeling anxious and alone. The light bestowed on this challenge, is a sense of harmony with the rhythms of nature, Self and others.

In gazing at the soothing colors and tender blossoms, I am comforted by a felt sense of relaxation. Noticing this serenity, I am reminded once more of the renewal available in nature’s presence. I am here, now. Lulled into peaceful patience, I am present and calm in this perfect moment in time.

Photo by Dina Saalisi
Copyright 2018 Dina Saalisi Healing Arts
All rights reserved.

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