Jasmine Healing Energy

Jasmine Energy of Self-Acceptance

Jasmine Healing Energy

~ Jasmine Healing Energy ~

 I am pure radiance

My beauty is illuminated from within

I am divine love at the core of my being

 Sweet, celestial scent captivates as I float through the early winter garden. A solstice gift of heavenly Jasmine weaving through a sea of sensuality. Reflecting on the beauty before me, I contemplate the glow emanating from this night blooming flower. An invitation to safely enter into darkness and express my inner-beauty, without fear.

The energy Jasmine provides is an ability to embrace self-acceptance. Vulnerability is caressed and held in the arms of divine love. Radiant silver light bestows a blessing of self-love as a universal healing; whispering the truth of pureness at the center of being: perfection, just as I am.

The heavenly blossoms will soon fade soon and re-emerge in spring, as the days lengthen. Anticipating the return of the light, I am grateful for the opportunity to recede into this obscure time of life, with the guidance of Jasmine’s glow to brighten my path along the way.

Photo by Dina Saalisi
Copyright 2018 Dina Saalisi Healing Arts
All rights reserved.


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