Lotus Healing Energy

Lotus Healing Energy

Lotus Healing Energy

~ Lotus Healing Energy ~

Lotus Healing Energy Flower Essences

Summer was at its height when I stood before the Lotus pond. As I moved closer to the beaming ray of light emanating from the center of this bold bloom, my throat caught, and tears began to stream freely down my face. Joyful tears, as I felt a humble softness wash over me–I bowed before this spirit of light-filled energy.

I recall the nature of this swamp-loving plant–how it only thrives in mud. I’m reminded of Thich Nhat Hanh: No mud. No Lotus. Words to live by. Without feeling into our pain and suffering, we would not be able to heal it. By touching this deep part of ourselves and holding it in the tender arms of loving acceptance, we engage a spiritual resonance that is most humbling; void of any ego striving or force of will. 

As I reflect more deeply on my experience at the Lotus pond, I notice a felt sense of newfound serenity. An inner-peace amid all of the busy-ness of life and the chaos of having just moved from Northern California to L.A. The energy of Lotus led me to a place within that asked me to connect with and release any feelings of knowing-it-all. I surrender to and am led by a higher consciousness, as I wear the regal crown of wisdom, guided by Lotus’ clear light.

* Photos taken at Ganna Walksa Lotusland, Santa Barbara, CA.


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