Mustard Healing Energy

Mustard Healing Energy

~ Mustard Healing Energy ~

I am filled with golden light

I embrace life with renewed energy and joy

I awaken to my glowing being

 A golden carpet of light amid dormant vines and misty morning fog awakens my senses. The first glow of impending spring rises from the valley floor and my soul sings as my eyes rest on the bright yellow splendor. Spicy Mustard sheds its spirited energy through the fields and ignites a spark.

In late winter we yearn for warmer days when we will frolic and play again. Sometimes we forget the joys that life offers us and for no apparent reason, darkness looms. Seemingly no way out of the gloom, until a glint of hope emerges from the shadows and we become renewed. This is Mustard’s way.

Soon buds will be popping everywhere and birdsong will fill the air. Chill in my bones for a little while longer, but as I gaze out on the wonder of this radiant flower, my heart races with the excitement of life and I am renewed.

Photo by Dina Saalisi
Copyright 2017 Dina Saalisi Healing Arts





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