Pine Healing Energy

Pine Flower Essences

Pine Healing Energy

I am worthy and deserving of life’s gifts

I release guilt and shame

I embrace my Divine nature

Early morning calls, as the sun reaches higher in the sky. Light glints through trees and caresses the leftover dew. Even sharp things become softened within this glow. The unmistakable scent of fresh Pine reaches my senses, as I become captivated by an unassuming flower.

Essence of Pine has been one of my steadfast allies through much of my life. Its gentle voice quiets the harsh critic that arises from self-doubt and shame. A burden that is heavy to bear, the transformation is that of a more self-compassionate being, who knows how to honor challenges without judgment or guilt.

My fingertips graze the flower. I marvel at the needles poking out, pause and reflect on what it feels like to touch the sharp edge and accept the divine flow of self-love. Through the guiding energy of Pine, I am reminded of my true nature and I know that I am worthy of receiving the gifts life has to offer.

Flower Essence Pine Flower Essences Photo by Dina Saalisi
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