Rose Healing Energy

Rose Healing Energy

~ Rose Energy of Renewal ~

 Lengthening darkness as daylight recedes. The garden is scarce with her gifts. I embrace the essence of California, where roses are still in bloom, well into autumn. I reflect on the complexity of Rose. Thousands of varieties, each with a unique fragrance and color. Their sweet, heady scents loom large. I revel in this beauty illuminated amid the grey backdrop of November.

When shadows fall heavy, we may feel a weight that seems difficult to lift. Motivation halted. Desire ceased. To be able to enter into this dark time of life and connect with the delightful energy of Rose, we are transported out of gloom. A sense of renewal arises, life continues, and we emerge, replenished.

I know that soon the last blooms will fade, leaving behind orange orbs and the promise of new growth. I cherish this season of depth and nurture the imminent rebirth, growing inside of me. My heart becomes fuller as I await the return of the light.

Photo by Dina Saalisi
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