Rosemary Healing Energy

Rosemary Healing Energy

~ Rosemary Healing Energy ~

The scent of fresh Rosemary awakens my senses; a familiar aroma that evokes a feeling of nourishment. Vibrant purple flowers embellish the stark landscape; a spectacular show during the coldest winter months. My fingers linger over the stalks, touching the liveliness. I carry this energy with me throughout the day and feel all the warmer for having connected with this force.

Felt as coldness of spirit, those drawn to Rosemary’s call often feel disconnected from their body, resulting in cold extremities and dull senses. Feeling somewhat numbed and lacking inner fire, this spicy flower ignites the inner flames of presence and vitality with a renewed consciousness. Mental clarity and alertness combine with physical rejuvenation to form dynamic focus and fortitude.

As I absorb this quality of brightness, I feel awakened to the light that lives inside of me. With this newfound strength and lucidity, I proceed with a felt sense of vibrancy that carries me through this season of chill. I embrace the glow that is forever kindled within my being.

Photo by Dina Saalisi
Copyright 2017 Dina Saalisi Healing Arts

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