Scarlet Monkeyflower Energy of Powerful Emotions

~ Scarlet Monkeyflower Healing Energy ~

Wading through the late summer garden, my eyes fall on a sea of red, rolling along the fence. I marvel that Scarlet Monkeyflower is still in profusion, as I recall the summer solstice, when she teased with tightly closed buds; now in full display of flowering flames. I sit on the ground and observe the open-mouthed mimulus and feel the waves ebb and flow.

You are my soul
I give you my anger
to hold and caress

You welcome me
And burn my intensity
with your fire

You are me
A screaming gesture
singing softly into the breeze

I reflect awhile longer, feeling soothed by the presence of this fiery ally. Fear of allowing myself to express intense emotions, assuaged, as I embrace acceptance of my spirited energy. Learning to harness this force and trust its power is a courageous endeavor that strengthens connection to all parts Self.

Photos by Dina Saalisi
Copyright 2018 Dina Saalisi Healing Arts

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