Wild Rose Healing Energy

Wild Rose Healing Energy

~ Wild Rose Healing Energy ~ 

I engage with the beauty of life

I am fully alive in my being

I am renewed and whole

The mystical fragrance and stunning beauty of Wild Rose connect me to the absolute perfection of life. In California, roses in November, still; their regal bearing reminds me that life is indeed precious. In Wild Rose’s sweet embrace, my body knows only strength and liveliness.

When faced with loss or long-term illness, one becomes filled with a sorrow too great to bear.  A shutting down is a protective defense. The inability to re-connect with the joy of life is an inward cry for this sumptuous flower ally. The definitive scent of love, Wild Rose energy re-establishes a love for living, rooted in a divine essence of existence. Saturating one with a newfound vitality, one becomes able to feel the jubilation of being alive once again.

As I reflect on the many varieties of garden roses and our special connection with this wild beauty, I am filled with awe. I am humbled in the presence of a grace I recognize as power of poise, instilled in the miracle of a magnificent flower by the name Wild Rose.

Photo by Dina Saalisi
Copyright 2017 Dina Saalisi Healing Arts

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