Summer Healing Energy

Summer Healing Energy

I wander through floral delights, steeped in mid-summer vitality. Gardens alive with the peak of the season, as hummingbirds and bees snatch the last bit of zest from the flowers. Gardens sing magnificent encores, as the curtain begins to draw to a close. My heart is warmed by another summer and its gifts. I become more alive, as I recognize my one-ness with this fleeting life-force energy.

At times we get stuck in patterns that don’t allow for playful joy. A monotony of duties and responsibilities, we forget to pause and reflect on the beauty that is available to us, right outside. Setting an intention to commune with and frolic among the flowers; amid parks, gardens and wilderness, allows for a sense of belonging and connection. We become more complete as nature indeed heals.

Today I’m adorned with a floral crown and rollick in the joys of friendship. A fantasy turned to reality – a driftwood house on a magic sea, a bouquet my staff; I reside in this flower kingdom and feel right at home with a court of blossoms. The dynamic presence of each lovely bloom, filling my soul with life, light and love.

Photo of Dina by Winnie Pitrone
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