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“Listening to Flowers” Private Event

“Listening to Flowers” Private Event

Location: Dina Saalisi Healing Arts Studio, St. Helena, CA in Napa Valley or Your Location

Date & Time:  Mutually Agreeable

Price:  Enquire for Package Rates

Event package includes  “Listening to Flowers” art cards & book, Bach flower remedy booklet, bottle of Rescue Remedy, “Nature Heals” journal,...

Full Moon Meditation & Sound Bath

Space is limited. Early registration is a must!Meditation and sound healing are wellness therapies known to reduce stress, enhance sleep, and create a positive mindset. 

Full Moon Meditation& Sound Bath

Next Date: Saturday ~ May 25, 2024

St. Helena, CA in Napa Valley

Meditation & Sound Bath: 6:30 - 7:30PM Tea & Chat: 7:30 -...

Ten Best Spiritual Books

Published on https://www.sedgbeer.com/ Dina is featured as a contributor to Sandie Sedgbeer's "No BS Spiritual Book Club" under the top best spiritual books. Read about her top 10 self-improvement books. Sandie is a journalist, author, and broadcaster who has mind-expanding conversations with leading international thought leaders, teachers, authors, speakers. HEALER |...

Listening to Flowers

By Dina Saalisi, Article published on Schiffer Publishing Blog Working with the energy of flowers is my passion. Through the years I’ve learned to listen carefully to the 38 Bach flower remedies, and to receive their messages as medicine. As a Holistic Healer, I recognize the power...

Listening to Flowers: Positive Affirmations to Invoke the Healing Energy of the 38 Bach Flowers

By Dina Saalisi, illustrated by Audrey Violet Atglen, PA — The idea that our emotions govern our physical state is recognized spiritually and scientifically, now more than ever. Develop emotional well-being by using the energy of flowers with this powerful self help tool that explores the 38 Bach flower essence remedies...

Chestnut Flower Energy: Mind Over Matter

White Chestnut – Aesculus hippocastanum Chestnut Bud - Aesculus hippocastanum Red Chestnut – Aesculus carnea Sweet Chestnut - Castanea sativa Most of us can relate to challenges of the mind, whether the trouble is too many thoughts, or too little focus, we feel ill at ease when our thinking faculties are out of balance....