White Chestnut Healing Energy

White Chestnut Healing Energy

~ White Chestnut Healing Energy ~

From stillness of mind I embody calmness of Spirit

I release unwanted thoughts and worries

I dwell in the present moment of being

Summer heralds its approach with a proliferation of blooms and extended daylight. As I wander over earthen paths, the colors, fragrances and warmth, tease my senses awake. I go deeper into a forest of deliciously scented trees and notice I am being supported in the great, white arms of White Chestnut. I relax into the serenity and allow the floral clouds to hold me in this perfect moment.

At times we get carried away by incessant thoughts, making it difficult to be present to life. Mental chatter spins relentlessly ‘round as we get caught in worry and analysis. The energy of White Chestnut casts a spell of embodied existence. The simplicity of being allows for a more complete understanding of our musings and we become at peace in our knowing.

I feel a powerful composure as the perfume of this mighty flower hangs in the air. I can rest assured in the tranquility of my reflections. A peace of mind that stays with me as I breathe in the wonder of this placid repose.

Photos by Dina Saalisi
Copyright 2018 Dina Saalisi Healing Arts

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