Flower Essences for Healing: Agrimony & Vervain

Flower Essences for Healing: Agrimony & Vervain

Flower Essences for Healing: Agrimony & Vervain

Divine Self- Expression Flower Essences for Healing

Learning how to strengthen our ability to speak our truths can be an arduous path. When I turn towards flower energy as a healing agent (flower essences for healing), I perceive the flower essences of Agrimony and Vervain as transformative in allowing us to recognize what holds us back in our ability to communicate with ease.

When I prescribe these particular flowers, there is an awareness of extreme modes of communication—either not communicating at all, so as to keep our feelings under wraps, or talking too much about our (often strict) views, bombarding any who will listen. What surfaces, is a clarity of ideas, that isn’t weighed down in a need to be right, and a confidence in expressing needs and views, without fear. The differing states both relate to an imbalance in expression, as the challenges show up as opposite forces of the same energy.

Below are the descriptions of the challenges of the Agrimony and Vervain states, followed by the potential transformations.


Over-sensitive to Ideas & Influences
Erect, spiky yellow flowers

Avoiding confrontation at all costs, mostly at the cost of being true to one’s Self. Keeping truths hidden within–an inability to display feelings, results in acting without authenticity. The “mask” we wear, how we wish to appear to others, is a suppression of our true nature, thus a false persona emerges, usually in the form of a happy-go-lucky attitude. Yet, at the core is an inner-tension that gnaws–a deep-seeded turmoil, that suppresses voice.

The transformation is an ability to convey our truths, without fear of confrontation or judgment. An inner-knowing of our feelings and a skill in being able to display our deeper emotions—an emotional honesty from the depths of soul. Inner-strength enlivened through sensitivity—empowerment of self-expression, that is divinely ours.


Over-Care for the Welfare of Others
Erect, spiky purple flowers

Over-striving to make our voice heard. In an effort to make clear what we feel is “right,” we alienate others with fanaticism, diluting our authority. Vocalization a keynote, reaching outward, towards the ears of many, without being able to hear any. Control through self-righteous speech is over-bearing. Trying so very hard to reach others with our point of view, becomes an exercise in building a wall, as our speech falls on deaf ears.

The transformation is open-minded clear communication, grounded in mutual trust and respect. Being able to speak with ease, clarity, confidence and strength, free from over-zealous oration. Empowerment through the spoken word—reaching many with eloquence, grounded in divine wisdom.

Listening to Flowers

The bridge between Agrimony and Vervain is an ability to relax into the art of communication–to trust that we are safe in expressing our views and needs, so as not to repress or over-strive. These flowers play an important role in helping us to reclaim our powers of divine self-expression.

  • Reflect inwardly and notice the presence of either of the emotional states of Agrimony or Vervain, and choose one of these essences to work with.
  • Take 2 drops of the flower essence remedy, 4 times a day, for 3-4 weeks.
  • Each day recite the affirmations that complement your flower essence remedy, allowing the words to flow deeply from your soul.
  • Keep a journal for reflections and observations.


I am confident to express my feelings

I accept shadows as part of light

I transform turmoil into tranquility


I relax and allow life to unfold peacefully

I transform tension into calm

I soften my views and trust in a higher power

Flower Essence Flower Essence Photo by Dina Saalisi
Affirmations and photos by Dina Saalisi Copyright© Dina Saalisi Healing Arts 2017 All Rights Reserved

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