Divine Self-Love

Divine Self-Love
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Divine Self-Love

Do you know that you are divine love at the core of your being?

Without having to try or do anything, you are. Oftentimes, we feel disconnected from this truth. I see this time and again with those who come to me for support and guidance. Many of us believe that if we could receive the love we crave from our partners, parents, friends and family–we would feel complete and live happily ever after. But, we’ve all had the experience of having someone who loves us, let us down. Now, this other being has become the source of our suffering and we feel bereft of love.

One of the foundational challenges humans are faced with is an inability to catalyze divine self-love. In seeking love from outside sources, we overlook the fact that self-love is the foundation of all love. And it’s only through being able to give ourselves this divine gift, that we are able to cultivate authentic love in our relationships with others.

Sometimes even healers get triggered

A huge breakthrough I had in my personal healing work, came through developing deeper awareness of my reactions to feeling ignored by my partner. I went to that dark place of feeling unloved and abandoned and inwardly blamed my partner. I knew deep down that this could not be his fault. I knew that it was unrealistic for me to think that if he acted how I wanted, my suffering would be alleviated. I knew there was a deeper piece that needed to be addressed and that I was ultimately the only one who could do the work.

Divine Self-Love

I decided to engage Inner-Child Healing practice; a visualization technique that allows me to connect my current challenging emotions to those of myself as a small child. I did this practice several times over the course of a few weeks. Eventually, I got to a place where I was experiencing what it felt like to be an infant, crying in the cradle, while being ignored. I was able to safely experience all of the anger and fear that this baby was feeling. What she wanted was to be picked up and held and was distraught that no one would come. In this practice, I envisioned myself as a powerful adult—my Inner-Healer, holding that baby and giving her exactly the unconditional love she needed. This awareness was such potent medicine, that now, if I’m emotionally triggered, I instantly go inward, “hold the crying baby” and feel at peace.

Self-love conquers allDivine Self-Love

Inner-Child Healing is one of many visualizations that I practice regularly and guide others in, as a powerfully effective way to shift emotional triggers and strengthen our ability to catalyze healing, in-the-moment. As we commit to engaging practices that develop our capacities for unconditional self-love, our relationships start to “magically” heal. As we create deep inner-resources, we no longer feel needy or fearful in our connections with others. By opening our hearts to ourselves, we discover that the love we have been searching for has been there all along and can be accessed anytime.

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