Mullein Healing Energy

Mullein Energy of Truth

Mullein Healing Energy

~ Mullein Healing Energy ~

The longest days of the year entice me outdoors to revel in the blossoming of the season. Everywhere, flowers stand to greet me. Roses in full bloom and Day Lilies waking from sleep. But it’s the wild ones that catch my attention and hold me enthralled. Nature’s regenerative intent, alive and well in dry soil and untended plots.

A tall beauty, with a glow of sunshine, catches my eye. I stand before Mullein, a powerful plant ally, whose wisdom runs deep. Calling for emotional honesty — an opportunity to look within and face the truths hidden in the deepest corners of our souls. The essence provides a gentle nudging, a provocation of inner-knowing, asking to be revealed.

I dally a while longer, enjoying each moment of summer splendor. Feeling the energy of the sun, drawing all life upwards. An invitation to bathe in the warmth of sincerity – to bear witness to and honor the values that lie within. Awakening to a stronger sense of authenticity, I embrace my truths, allowing them to shine brilliantly in the light of the season.

Photo by Dina Saalisi
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