Working with the Healing Energy of Flowers


Working with the Healing Energy of Flowers

All life energy is connected and is continually finding balance between darkness and light. Night follows day. Depth of soil produces plant life.  Animals hibernate during the winter months and awaken to new life in the spring. Nature transforms darkness into light and we exist within this rhythmic exchange.  As apprentices of “earth energy” our lesson is to meet the positive and negative forces of nature with acceptance. Not to conquer or control, but to strive for equilibrium. The subtle energy that emanates from the healing energy of flowers is a positive, light-filled power that can be used to stabilize the darkness of illness and negativity.

“The dark does not destroy the light; it defines it. It’s our fear of the dark that casts our joy into the shadows.” ~ Brene Brown

Flower Energetics is the method of harnessing the beneficial energy from a selection of healing flowers. By integrating flower essence remedies and flower-based narrative and awareness practices, we are able to engage an energetic resonance that supports health and harmony. Spiritual healers have known for centuries and scientists concur, that energy is exchanged between all life forms, at all times. Why not use the positive healing energy of flowers to balance the negative energies associated with challenging emotions and disease?

How to connect with the proven beneficial energy of flowers:

Find Connection in Flowers

  • The most potent way to join with the healing energy of flowers is to physically be with them. Going into the wild and finding connection with nature is a healing experience that most humans can tap into quite easily. When I go for wildflower hikes, I am always in awe of what I find. Often tiny gems of flowers, camouflaged and missed by most eyes, call to me. The more I sit with flowers, their messages resound loud and clear.  By tuning into their growth habits, colors and scents, we engage with the healing energy offered. This routine when practiced regularly is a source of spiritual growth and healing.


  • Using flower essence remedies is an effective way to benefit from flower energy. By ingesting the remedies, we are able to experience their effects first-hand. This part of the energetic resonance asks us to be aware of the emotions we are faced with in order to address the shadow elements with the healing force of light. We hone in on what exactly the challenging emotions are at the root of the illness or imbalance, decide which essences will offer support and take the remedy orally. The original 38 flower essence remedies developed by Dr. Edward Bach over 80 years ago, have increased in popularity and are currently used in over 60 countries. I also use a selection of essences developed by Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz of The Flower Essence Society. Both the Bach Centre in the UK and FES in Northern California have strict standards of research and testing before making remedies available for therapeutic use. By following trusted sources, I feel confident in guiding clients in using the remedies on their own for self-care.

Say “I’m Possible” Instead of “Impossible”

  • Evoking positive energy through affirmations is a way to deepen the experience of Flower Energetics and create positivity around “self-talk.” We all have limiting beliefs that we hold on to. The story we tell ourselves can contribute to health or illness. Since we are already prone to spinning a story, why not make it a positive one? In my work as a Narrative Health Coach, I created affirmations for each original Bach essence, to help others shift their story through awareness of the healing energy of each flower. Offering these positive statements to my clients has been a breakthrough for many. They find it an empowering process that transforms negative thought patterns into positive beliefs and it takes no more time than it does to run a negative story.

Working with the Healing Energy of Flowers

Flower Energetics is a potent method for healing on a deep soul level. Everyday there is more data released on the ill-effects of negative thought patterns and our disconnection from mother earth. Flower Energetics uses ancient principles of relating to earth energy in a way that is fresh and inspiring. It’s no accident that flowers are alive and thriving, amid a world of pollution and disease. By utilizing the practices of Flower Energetics, we re-connect with the vibrant earth energy that is available to us for nourishment and healing, in a profound way.

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