How to Make a Flower Essence

How to Make a Flower Essence
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How to Make a Flower Essence

Summer is the ultimate season to learn how to make a flower essence.  Especially, with long days of unadulterated sunshine. When I wake up and the sun is at its brightest, with clear blue skies, I wander through the garden to see what’s in bloom.

Here’s what you’ll need:

How to Make a Flower Essence

  • Small, glass bowl about 8 oz. Make sure it has been sterilized ahead of time, by running through the dishwasher or hand-wash in hot water.
  • A glass bottle of the purest water available – ideally fresh from a pure, local spring (not distilled water).
  • Secateurs or scissors to snip the flowers.
  • Small strainer.
  • Small glass measuring cup.
  • 4 oz. dark glass bottle.
  • Small funnel.
  • Spirits to preserve the essence. I use organic quinoa vodka; traditionally grape brandy is used but any spirits will do.

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Choose a flowering plant that has fresh, vibrant blooms.
  • Fill your glass bowl with spring water, leaving some room for the flowers.
  • Snip the flowers and let them drop into the bowl, being careful to not touch the flowers. Gently guide them into the water with the scissors.
  • Once the top layer of the water is full of the freshest blooms, top the bowl up with water.
  • Place the bowl in direct sunlight, as close to the plant as possible, without any shadows falling across the bowl.
  • Let sit in the sun for 3 – 4 hours, until the flowers look like they’re beginning to wilt.
  • Using a stick from the plant, gently lift the flowers out of the bowl, being careful not to touch the water with your hands.
  • You will be left with a bowl of pure flower essence. I like to use a clean glass dropper to taste the essence, as each one tastes unique. 2 – 4 drops of pure essence directly in your mouth.

  Preserving the Mother Essence

  • Pour the bowl of flower essence into the glass measuring cup, using a strainer to filter out any plant material.
  • Transfer 2 oz. of the flower essence to the 4 oz. glass bottle; filling it halfway.
  • Fill the remainder of the bottle with 2 oz. of spirits as the preservative.
  • Label with the name of the flower essence, date, place and prepared by. This is the mother essence and will keep stored indefinitely.
  • 2 drops of the mother essence to create a stock bottle flower essence remedy.

Making your own flower essences is enjoyable and a wonderful opportunity for communing with nature. Observing the creative elements at work is a spiritually satisfying process, which attunes us to our soul connection with flowers, enhancing the healing properties.  Part I and Part II can be found on my YouTube Channel. 

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